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    The Different Ways Android Jetpack Makes App Development Easier

    Android Jetpack, a collection of Android software components, was introduced to ease the process of developing improved and better Android apps. These components enable developers to adhere to the best practices, liberate them from writing boilerplate code, and ease complex tasks, to ensure that developers can continue focusing on the code. Think of Android Jetpack as an extended support library that brings together existing components with a group of more robust components to speed up mobile app development. They get classified into four classes, namely, Architecture, UI, Behavior, and Foundation. Offered as ‘unbundled’ libraries which are not part of the elemental Android platform. What this means is that these components can be utilized at a pace that suits developers and by their requirements.

    However, if you are still wondering why it is so popular among developers and companies planning to introduce their apps, there are many reasons. For starters, it helps accelerate the development process without impacting quality and needs much less code. Besides that, Android Jetpack proffers the potential to reimagine how Android apps interact with the audience since it allows development of apps that can not only run on all versions of Android but also operate on devices such as Android TV or Android-based wearables.


    Now, let’s take a closer look at some of Android Jetpack’s advanced features:

    Get rid of boilerplate code

    Android Jetpack takes care of monotonous activities such as navigation, lifecycle management, and background tasks. T, in turn, allows developers to continue focusing on everything else that helps distinguish their app from their contemporaries in the market.


    Speed up development

    Though its components can be adopted individually, they are designed to work together. Further, they harness the benefits offered by Kotlin’s features to make the developers more productive.


    Build powerful apps

    Underpinned by state-of-the-art design practices, Android Jetpack components help ensure that there are fewer crashes, with less memory wastage, with integrated backward-compatibility.


    Swift app updates

    Remember we told you about Android Jetpack’s components and how they come loaded with a large variety of intriguing features that are unbundled? Well, thanks to this, Android app developers gain the ability to leverage them further during the Android app development process. Moreover, this, in turn, allows the application’s users to receive updates very quickly, consequently, improving their experience with the app as well as the brand.


    Seamless integration

    There’s yet another benefit proffered by Android Jetpack — it allows app developers to effortlessly bring in new updates to the app without affecting the Android app’s current functionality. It is a crucial factor since any hindrance in the performance and functioning of the app means significant headaches for the people who have developed them.

    Long story short, Android Jetpack is a blessing in disguise for the app development industry since it was in dire need of such an update. There is no doubt that it will enable companies that provide leading custom Android app development services to deliver exceptional quality and thus, successfully meet all of their client’s requirements.

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