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    Ten Great Tips To Earn More With Your Android App

    We are about to give you the good news, and that good news would be your best news for all time. Yes, this is true. We are going to tell you the way to earn more with your Android application. You do not need to have particular requirement to earn, just need to know where to upload or list your app and how to earn money. Today we are about to explain you more about AdMob, its work and how you can use it in different styles to make the most out of your android app.


    AdMob and how it Works

    AdMob is nothing but an affiliate ad program, which is owned by Google. It runs behind many different banner advertisements you sometimes see. AdMob normally offers a streamlined revenue to the channel for the purpose of ad developers all around the world. It ensures that banner space is totally filled with the properly styled advertisement for the audience viewing the application. The use of banner advertisement in the application is commonplace because it generally offers an additional revenue stream for the purpose of the application maker, enabling them to offer the application for free, while not ruining the application experience.

    The banner advertisements are set to sit either at the top or at the bottom of the application and will only display or appear full size whether they are clicked on. AdMob advertisements are responsive as well. It means that whether you click on the ad, it will fit the screen of any mobile device if it is a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet.


    How Much Can You Earn From Banner Ads?

    This question is hard to answer, though, but we are trying to give you the answer because it is depending on how long a piece of the string is. The more the views or uses you get the more you generate money. This is quite simple. The more the application is used and the better ratings the application you get, consequently the more revenue you can ear. It is all about spending time on your android app, the more changes are there for the purpose of filtered advertisement to appear in your application and for the sake of you to attain the greater effective cost per thousand impressions. Let us see the ten great tips to earn more on Android application.

    • Develop individually for tablets or in a way that shows good in tablet
    • Get to know more about user in application purchasing
    • Consider the best of best subscription model
    • Increase the application rating as possible
    • Try to reach the audience all around the world
    • Optimize your application for play
    • Use the freemium model
    • Try in application advertising
    • Create multiple applications for advertisement
    • Cross-promote your applications

    What you now need to know or to do is to increase the reviews as well as feedback options to make sure that you are engaging with your audience better, quicker and smarter way. It not only brings your application to Google’s attention but also pays more attention to your app that is the sole thing for your money. The more attention your application gets the more chances of people see it and download it. Therefore, the higher the rank is the higher paid the advertisement is.


    Did you get the payment for the time people view your banner advertisement or click on them?

    Because, there is no clear answer to this question, as the advertisement that is shown or is showing can differ depending on how the advertiser has priced the advertisement. There is no real clear answer, as the ads that are shown can differ depending on how the advertiser has priced the ads and which ads of AdMob believes is higher than the others and earner for you based upon your audience viewing as well as usage. This is what AdMob has to describe:


    Advertisers are running CPM advertisement that set their desired price per 1,000 advertisements served and pay each time advertisement appears.

    As a publisher, you will only earn the revenue each time as a CPM advertisement is served to your android application and viewed by an individual that is user. CPM advertisement competes against the CPC i.e. cost per click advertisement in our advertisement auction. We will only display or show ads whichever and whenever necessary to earn more revenue for you. Generally, they sometimes see if the payment for impressions and payment for clicks can differ a lot, with Pay Per Click or PPC that brings in a higher revenue. After all, an individual requires the user to do nothing, whilst the other normally requires the user to click on the advertisement.

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