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    Record Phone Calls on Huawei / Honor Smartphones Without Root Access

    Not all smartphones have the ability to record calls initially, in part because calls can only be recorded under certain conditions that differ from country to country.

    If for some reason you really need to record a phone call, now you can do it without root privileges on many of the latest Honor and Huawei phones!

    By the way, we must express our gratitude to the very active community of developers of the XDA website, always ready to find a solution to any problem or needs of smartphone users. This time, it was thanks to the appearance of the Huawei P30 Pro that the Zimperium user found a way to record telephone conversations on any Honor and Huawei smartphone with the version of the EMUI 9 interface.


    How to Record Calls in Huawei / Honor Without Root Rights

    The latest flagship from Huawei initially has the feature included in Huawei for smartphones upgraded to the new version of EMUI 9.1. Just install the regular APK file (safe and controlled by XDA moderators) so that an icon dedicated to phone calls of other models with EMUI 9 appears on the screen, which allows you to start and stop call recordings.

    So here are your steps:

    • Download the APK file from this link.
    • Install it on your smartphone.
    • Reboot the device and the desired record icon will be magically available for use whenever you place or receive a call.


    Did you know about such a chip before? Do you think Huawei should include a warning signal when recording a telephone conversation begins to avoid recording without the knowledge of the other side?

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