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    Protect your Android Device from Malware Attacks with Systweak Anti-Malware

    Your device can be infected with the virus and start behaving abnormal due to various reasons. It seriously harms your device performance. To avoid such situation, you can use best anti-malware software tools for improved security of your device. Systweak Anti-Malware is one such tool that works extensively and usage advanced techniques to keep your device safe. It offers many useful features, let’s discuss some of them here.


    Features of the App


    Scan page includes information like database version status, real-time protection status, and last scan date. If database version is obsolete you can update it by logging out and then logging back into the app. To turn on real-time protection go to Settings under “More” page. Apart of it, the app displays whether your device is safe from malware or not by displaying green and red backgrounds.

    scan page


    To start scanning process for malware on your device press “Scan Now” button. It will furnish results with information like files scanned, time elapsed and malware found. If the app doesn’t find any malicious content, then it will show a green check mark with message “No Threats Detected” and you can move to the next step by pressing “Security checkup” button at the bottom. In case, it has found a malicious content then it will display a message “Malware Detected” with a red background.


    Malware found


    Here, you need to click on “View Scan Result” button to view scan results. Under results, you will find all malicious apps found on the device and malware type mentioned next to them. To access options, swipe left to the app. Here, you will find options like “Uninstall” to uninstall the app and “Whitelist” to add any malicious app into the Whitelist to avoid deletion or further scanning of the selected app. To remove all malicious apps in one go, press “Clean Malware” button.

    objects scanned




    It displays all non-secure settings of the device here. You can disable these features and settings to keep your device protected.




    Installing from unknown sources: It helps you manage your downloading from unknown or unreliable sources to avert possible threats.

    Development Mode: Using this feature, you can turn on or off your developer’s mode feature. Access to developer’s mode can cause serious harm to your device settings thus this feature is useful to manage it.

    NFC: It helps you manage near field communication (NFC) feature on your device. NFC is used to allow data exchange, mobile payment services and reading & writing of tags with other nearby devices when you touch them.

    Android Beam: You can turn on or off this feature under this setting.



    It is a useful feature to determine the security status of multiple apps installed on your device. Under Privacy, the app scans your complete device to segregate apps into different privacy and security categories. It helps you manage different app permissions as per your requirement and security concerns.




    Here you will find these features.

    Settings: It helps you customize scan options. You can turn on or off real-time protection and select from Quick or Deep Scan modes.

    Whitelist: Here, you can find all Whitelist apps.

    Scan History: Here, you can find previous scan history using this app.

    In additional features, you can share the app, share feedback and find app’s information under About tab.



    Systweak Anti-Malware is an impressive tool which usage smart algorithms to find and delete all malicious content from your device. It thoroughly scans your device and find all malicious content related to different apps and suggests you remove them. It even allows you to Whitelist apps which you find safe to retain. This app offers all advanced features to keep your device safe from malware threats and helps you improve your device performance.



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