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    ParaNoid ROM Advantages and Disadvantages | How to Install On Android

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Paranoid ROM on Any Android Device

    Paranoid Android is a custom ROM meaning to broaden the framework, dealing with improving the effectively existing magnificence of Android and emulating the same configuration methods of insight that were situated forward by Google for Android Open Source Project.Its beautifully built by the developers. The Current devices supported by the paranoid rom are :Nexus ; Oppo and One plus One devices.

    General Information of ROM :

    Read only memory (ROM) is a medium that stores information for all time on Personal Computers or whatever other electronic device, for example, the ipad and phones. ROM can’t be changed; its changeless and non-unstable. With this peculiarity, its memory can hold actually force blackouts as opposed to RAM which is unstable and information is hence lost at whatever point power goes off. ROM is forever incorporated in Pcs with the programming dialect required for beginning a PC further, its vital for boot-up, performing real enter and yield undertakings, and holding projects or programming directions key for a working of Pcs. Numerous Pcs have ROM chips spotted on the motherboards while some have extension sheets. These chips perform fundamental machine courses of action, for example, essential info yield frameworks (BIOS), perusing and keeping in touch with fringe gadgets, fundamental information administration and programming administration.

    In the current generation Android device for each and every one is must.Well when it comes to android is mostly used for the free wares and the customizability. Well in the android device you can change the Rom. Roms are the tweaks that are given to the kernel or the user interface with some external add ons . To install a custom rom you need to unlock or root your Android handeset. Well today im going to tell you about the Paranoid rom.

    How to install Paranoid on Android device

    Firstly check whether the android handset is rooted . if rooted then continue further . if not please root it and continue….
    1) Download the ROM from the official website and save it in the hard disk.

    Download Paranoid ROM

    2) Now connect the Android device to the pc or laptop and transfer the downloaded rom to the sd card of the android handset.

    3) Now turn off your handset and boot it in the recovery mode

    4) Go to install from sd card and search your zip file and conitnue.

    5) wait till the process finish then install the apps from this link.

    6) Now reboot and enjoy the Rom.

    Advantages of the paranoid ROM :

    First of all this Rom provides excellent battery backup for the devices.
    It has well built customizabilty options like adding colours to the tiles or changing the looks of notification bar etc,
    Its well devoloped and built in advance options to set the Cpu Frequency to maximun , minimun or on demand.
    It has the PIE controls and also the HOLA
    The hybrid engine of the paranoid allows you to define the DPI based on each applications
    It really turns the laggy device into to a new opened device.

    Disadvantages of the paranoid ROM  :

    It is less stable compared to the Cyanogenmod Android.
    It has too many complex operations to perform.
    The application’s are installed in the internal memory leaving less space for data.

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