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    How Kotlin Language Transfigure the Android App Development World?

    Kotlin! Is like the world’s fastest-growing foxglove or empress tree. It grows 30cm in three weeks which is transfigured and undefeatable tree in the world’s hall of fame.

    Similarly, Kotlin programming language transfigures the android application development like a woo-shy-woops.

    I think you didn’t understand!

    In simple words, I am saying that old cracking papers have no value against the new plain papers! The new language of Android has a glimpse that surprisingly (Kotlin) eliminates the old voyage of an android programming language called JAVA.

    Since it (Kotlin) landed in the market, the big screaming crowd of the developers have only one name in their coding mouth is Kotlin!

    Today, you gonna peruse about ‘How Kotlin language revolutionize Android App Development World’

    Well, I say ‘world’ so you can imagine at what level competition lies…!

    When Kotlin initially released in the market, at some reason there is difficult to adopt the innovation flushes in android industries but with ease of simplicity and Google’s opinion, Kotlin is the world’s famous and efficient language of Android.

    The preponderance of the Android app developers today leverage the trends via opting new android coding language as it precise in performance and writing along with the great support of IDE, it hardly cuts the stats of JAVA.

    What is Kotlin? Official Answer

    Officially Kotlin is lying in the ownership with ‘GOOGLE’ are a statically typed programming language developed by Jet Brains that runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

    Kotlin uses aggressive type inference to know the types of values and expression held unstated. As you know Kotlin code runs on JVM with Java 11 latest versions, it makes coding, developing, and maintaining easy with ease.

    Just like melodious sounds chirrups, Kotlin for android app development has various sweets features that make developers to gin-soaked while an encountering with android app development…!

    kotlin app development feature

    Advantages of Kotlin! What do you think?

    It is clear that Kotlin derived from the Java language and it inherits the advantages and resolute with new features. Let’s check out (your idea is matched with what you think) with these advantages of Kotlin over Java: –

    • Full fledge language and environment

    • Easy process, easy development

    • Kotlin is the future of android app development

    • It is much safer than android

    • It is so fun to use and bound with android development using Kotlin

    • Large fortunate companies ask for Kotlin. Learn Kotlin android (here)

    Kotlin v/s Java

    There is no doubt to say that ‘Kotlin v/s Java’ is a billion dollar question searched on Google every month.

    Before Kotlin – a market is honoring with the metal strip on JAVA. Java is one of the best android programming languages till Kotlin get itself dressed.

    Do you know?

    • Kotlin 1.0 has 2.1 million lines of codes

    • Kotlin 1.1 has 10 million lines of codes

    • About 1.6 lakh users have tried Kotlin

    Why Java developer would instantly switch towards Kotlin:

    With great compassion and esteem Java is widely used a programming language and forms the basis of android app development. The reason being Java seems to be outlook from the market as compared with Kotlin (following) points may be concerned: –

    Kotlin points for android app development

    Out of the various programming paradigms, Java and Kotlin is most reliable and demanded android programming language right now. As technology being reaped and high, Kotlin moves to procure the approach to being the best in terms of performance, coding, and experience.

    Kotlin – How it’s Revolutionizing?

    The journey of new Android programming language first appeared in 2011 and till now we have seen a lot of revolution in android app development world. Since its inception, it duly changes the core ship and the Android app development for mobile scenario rapidly.

    Over past 7 years ago, besides technology, fashion, entertainment, and education; Kotlin language for android app changes each and every economic sector into the modern era with dozens of profitability.

    The endurance of SME and large fortunate companies mark their businesses with high returns and officially build an immensely brand and goodwill internationally.

    If I say what is the present standing of Kotlin? Who is using Kotlin? Or what are some big brands of Kotlin android example?

    (Oh!) Is one of the bulletin bolt question for me!

    Naturally, Kotlin has covered up the market easily and make the work simpler than ever!

    Kotlin app development has covered up the market easily

    This era is rapidly shifting towards greatness and simplicity, more and harder works everyday attempts in order to satisfy the kings of the market. Thereafter, Kotlin plays an important role and contribute to making the application more simple, faster, and complimentary.

    Talking about industries, besides, there are dozens of android app development company moves to make their application more prominent and higher with the new android coding language. Android developers have the great opportunity in the field of Kotlin language, as best part is that hundreds of thousands of app development companies shifting towards Google official language, thus they need skilled and unbeatable android developers.

    To get this superior opportunity, you need to be somewhat knowledge of coding or know the fundamentals of Android coding.

    In case if you don’t know, you can start with Kotlin android studio which will guide you with your rest of the learning session.


    With a simple and less coding and debugging feature, Kotlin has thousands of well-settled benefits that made the future of Android app development more expedient.

    Here in this guide, it is all just about to keep updated with the trend and technology happens our besides. Kotlin is a very powerful language right in the market and it revolutionizing the android app worldwide as it seems.

    In the end, keep increasing your work, coding, and experience with the new official language.

    And for a brief period like share and comment…!

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