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    How to Install Android on PC or Laptop Step by Step

    When we talk about the android most of the people think all about the smartphones and tablets . and most of the people don’t even know that the technology has been developed to much extent . the present generation smart os (operating system) can be installed in the desktops or laptops. this guide will help you to find out how to install the android os on the PC or laptop.


    the below mentioned things are necessary to run android os in the desktop or laptop.

    • Android x86 ISO( download the suitable versions)

    -A usb pen flash drive

    • Hard disk space of minimum 3gb for froyo;9gb fr jelly bean (4.2,4.3);11gb for kikat(4.4.2);13gb for lollipop(5.0)[the lollipop is still known to have much bugs its better to get kitkat for less bug issues]
      virtual box ( software) for creating a bootable pen drive.

    Step by Step Tutorial :

    1. Download the Android os which is suitable for your hardware and also Flash drive software
    2. Get the pen drive and format it .
    3. Create a bootable usb drive with the help of the flash drive.
    4. Open the virtualbox
    5. Create a new virtual machine for making a bootable usb
    6. Set ram more than 1gb for better process
    7. Browse the downloaded iso file and mount it to cd drive
    8. Power on the virutal machine which will boot from the iso and then create a new partion from it
    9. With the default options select “primary” on the next prompt screen
    10.  Select “bootable” option to make bootable partion and select “write” to save the settings
    11. Type yes and press enter and quit and then open the created partion.
    12. It will ask to format then press yes and the process will start.
    13. After the process complete reboot the virtualbox
      Its done now enjoy the android on the windows.

    Download the android latest iso files from the below link provided:

    Try at your own risk before running android on desktop or laptop just reboot the system once
    As its a multi-boot setup yo can choose either the windows or the android that you have just installed on your laptop or pc.

    If your cant understand the process of installing the Android you can just use some third party apps for running android apps in desktop or laptop . the best third party app for installing android apps on desktop or laptop is Blue stacks. its a free ware app developed by some dev developers so that some people who cant afford android devices can use the android apps on desktop or laptop.

     Watch Video Tutorial

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