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    How to Monitor and Save Your Mobile Data Usage?

    With companies offering GBs of mobile data per day and with there being hectic competition out there among service providers to engage customers, every mobile plan or pack is becoming increasingly focused on mobile data. Even in the case of broadband and fixed line plans, most service providers provide calling facilities at extremely reasonable prices while it is the internet usage that costs you a lot of money. Such is the case with mobiles to these days and it is thus very important to keep track of your mobile data and see which app is utilizing your data to the maximum and how you can go about optimizing it. Being an Android app development company with a lot of experience in developing mobile apps, we bring to you, ways that you can use to optimize your mobile data utilization; read on to learn more.


    #1: Use your device’s settings

    Every smartphone or even a simple phone for that matter has the settings app wherein you can manage your device. With smartphones, this feature allows you a lot of capabilities such as managing your phone’s battery, contacts, volume, mobile data, and security. When we look at mobile data specifically, there are stats that tell us the usage of each app. Also, you can limit the apps that can use your mobile data. For instance, you may not want gaming apps to use your mobile data while cab services and emergency services may require you to turn on mobile data and so on.

    Your device’s settings are one way to go about managing your data. You can also set up data limits and this will enable you to set a hard limit. Similarly, notifications and alerts can be set when an amount of data has been used and so on. There are apps too that help you do that which is the topic we are about to cover next; keep reading.


    #2: Data Manager or Data Management apps

    Being an Android App Development Company, we’ve dabbled in this area and we’ve seen a fair share of such apps and these are indeed helpful too. Rather than checking your settings every single time, such apps offer you the facility to track apps that are eating into your data plan. They also help you with interesting statistics and features that allow you to set daily limits and help you stay within your data plan’s limit. There are many Android app development companies in India that have worked on such apps and the Play Store is flooded with lots of such monitoring apps. Choose any app that has a good rating and you are good to go!


    #3: The app from phone companies

    Every phone service provider has an app that enables self-service, and this helps both the consumer and the company as it eases the load on call centers and helps consumers track their data and get the requisite information for themselves with the help of the app. This provides a hassle-free experience for the consumer and helps them track billing cycle information, data usage patterns, and graphs along with the amount of data left in their pack and so on. Try this app too in most cases this app would suffice and help users track their data in just a tap or two (of course if all you wish to do is simply track. If you require more information about app usage and so on, you would have to rely on either settings or monitoring apps from android app development companies).


    #4: Google to has thrown its hat into the ring with Datally

    You might have totally missed this announcement and not heard of this powerful app yet! Datally is an app from Google that aims at helping you control and monitors your mobile data usage. This smart app is a game changer in our opinion and has a lot of excellent features such as data saver, data usage metrics, Wi-Fi finder, data saver bubble and so on. The app intends to bring in balance checking and expiration reminders apart from data usage warnings and controls.


    We recommend that you make use of these apps to keep track of how you spend your data, and this will help you save more than 25% of your data and identify wasteful expenditure. Some of the apps out there have powerful features that can help you keep within your data spending limit and we believe that continuous checking of such apps can give you a sense of how to save your data.

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