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    How to Install Xposed Framework in Lollipop [Android 5.0 & 5.1]

    Xposed Framework For Android 5.0 & 5.1 Lollipop

    Xposed Framework is one of the Best app if you are a rooted android smartphone user, it unlocks the true potential of you android device, In short Xposed Framework is a way to make system-level changes to your Android operating system without installing a custom ROM. All you need is root access. There are no limits on what you can do with Xposed Framework.

    As far now Xposed Framework if only available till Android 4.4.4 Kitkat, lollipop support is not live till now but  a few days back Xposed Framework’s original developer ‘rovo89’ posted on XDA that alpha version of Xposed Framework is out now and is working for most of the lollipop based devices, however many of the modules are still not compatible but as far now the alpha version is pretty good and working all fine.

    Why Xposed Kitkat is not compatible Lollipop?

    If you’ve used Xposed before, you are no doubt aware that it was designed to work on Android’s Dalvik runtime which was base on Kitkat, but in Lollipop it was replaced with ART, so as Xposed Framework is basically runs with hardware support it was not possible to run it on Android ART based lollipop version.

    How to install Xposed Framework on Lollipop?

    [blockquote]Frequently asked Questions and Answers Regarding Xposed for Lollipop (Have a look at them before installing).

    Xposed for Lollipop FAQs[/blockquote]

    Requirements :

    [lists style=”attention” color=”#1e73be”]

    • Android Lollipop Running Device
    • Rooted Device
    • Custom Recovery Installed
    • ARM V.7 or Higher



    Instructions for Android 5.0

    Note : This is still a alpha version and i can’t guarantee that it will work on your device or you might end up in bootloop. To make sure that it works for your device visit its official thread on XDA Forums and search for your device, if you can’t find anything on your device then try it on your own risk.

    Step 1 : Before proceeding further make sure to take a complete nandroid backup if anything goes wrong.

    Step 2 : Now to install Xposed framework on your Android 5.0 device you need to download these three files.

    1. xposed-sdk21-arm-*.zip: Must be flashed with a custom recovery to install the framework.
    2. XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha*.apk: Must be installed to manage installed modules
      No, it’s not using material design yet. Yes, there are more important topics for now.
    3. XposedBridgeApi-20150213.jar: The API for module developers, in case they want to make use of some new features. Might be changed slightly until the stable release!

    Head over to the thread on XDA Forums (link below) and download latest version of the above three files and get back here for the installation instructions.

    Download the above 3 files From XDA

    Step 3 : Now after downloading boot into recovery mode and flash the first file ‘xposed-sdk21-arm-*.zip’ with custom recovery.

    Step 4 : Now install the second apk file, do a reboot and start using Xposed Framework.

    Step 5 : That’s it, if you don’t end up in bootloop during the above steps then your installation is successful, above third file is for developing purpose, if you want to develop a module for xposed then you can download that one.


    Instructions for Android 5.1 

    Officially no version of Xposed is available for Android 5.1 but one fellow developer ‘romracer’ made an unofficial version from the 5.0 alpha and also working for most of the Android 5.1 device users.

    Step 1 : Make sure to take the full nandroid backup of your system.

    Step 2 : Download and flash ‘’ for 32 bit and ‘’ for 64 bit architecture depending on your hardware with custom recovery.

    Step 3: Now the apk for Xposed Framework is same as above 5.0’s, so head to the XDA thread (link below) and download the ‘XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha2.apk’ and install it.

    Download apk from XDA

    Step 4: That’s it, do a reboot and start using Xposed Framework.


    Compatible Xposed Modules with Lollipop :

    Only a few modules are currently compatible with Xposed Framework on lollipop, visit below link for the list of compatible modules.

    Lollipop Compatible Xposed Modules

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    For more info, Updates, Changelog, Bug Fixes and more visit its official thread on XDA Forums.

    Official Xposed For Lollipop Thread

    Thread for Bug Fixes, Discussions & More



    That’s it for now, keep visiting this space for more updates regarding Xposed Framework release, do share your reviews in comments below about this.

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    Irham Mahfudz

    How abaout for MIUI devices?

    MaiTreya PaTni

    Its for lollipop running devices, if your miui is on lollipop then it will work.


    does xposed framework will work on mi4i..?
    (running 6.5.6 stock recovery)