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    How to Block Advertisements and Pop-ups on Android

    Advertising is becoming more widespread and there are many ways to meet it, especially if we surf online. Advertising is the soul of commerce, as some old wise men used to say: in other words, advertising is necessary for sites and blogs to continue their activities. However, sometimes it is very invasive and worth protecting, even when we use our Android smartphone: in this article, we will explain how to block advertisements and pop-ups on Android.

    What are the disadvantages of advertising on Android

    Advertising is not simply invasive when you surf with your Android smartphone, but it has an undoubted hidden disadvantage: the advertising banners are downloaded on our device and consume data of our invaluable tariff plan. More and more operators are expanding their offer, but this is not always enough especially since online advertising giants such as Facebook has taken steps to further scale up their advertising: ads and banners tend to consume several Top E-commerce Companies MB in the long run.

    So the impact does not only affect the data you download, but also the autonomy of the smartphone is influenced by advertising and, therefore, eliminating the advertising on your smartphone you could get serious benefits. Also, you can improve the performance of your Android smartphone, forced to process otherwise much more information.

    Summing up, the benefits you can get by blocking ads and pop-ups on Android are:

    •     Reduce Internet data consumption and load web pages faster.
    •     Improve the performance of your Android smartphones, especially if they are older.
    •     Reduce the risk of infecting your smartphone with viruses.
    •     Apps and games will be much cleaner graphically.

    What are the ways to block advertisements and pop-ups on Android

    Obviously, if you do an online search there are different ways to block advertising on Android and, in practice, they differ if you have root permissions or not. Given that the vast majority do not know the privileged permits, then we focus first on the easiest way.

    The quickest and easiest way is to install an alternative browser like Adblock Browser: this will remove advertising from the browser for web browsing. One of the most unpleasant inconveniences that can occur is an annoying icon on the notification bar, but it is easily solved:

    •     Go to the settings of your Android
    •     Go to the App
    •     Select Adblock Plus
    •     In this screen select “Notifications”
    •     Choose what you want to be shown or deselect “Allow notifications”.

    Blokada: also has the toggle

    Advertising is the soul of commerce, but it also knows how irritating it is when it is not particularly relevant or is widespread in some web pages. If it is true that it supports the sites, it is equally true that it must be inserted in an intelligent way. But if you can not anymore, you can block advertising on Android thanks to an open-source project born on XDA (the famous developer forum): the name is Blokada, whose graphical interface is very clean and linear. Blokada helps you to respect your security, save data when you surf the internet

    This solution is perhaps my favorite because it works on all apps, not necessarily just the browser like most. It does not require root nor modding capability, it works both on a mobile network and on a Wi-Fi network. He activates and immediately will do his job silently. But you have to consider that you will not find it on the Play Store, but you will only have to download it from the official page because, unfortunately, it does not comply with the rules of Google Play and the concept of advertising requested by Google.

    Other ways to block advertisements and pop-ups on Android

    It is evident that one of the biggest inconveniences when navigating with Android is the opening of invasive and annoying pop-ups. If, for example, you do not a video game and simply prefer browsing through the slimmest possible web pages, there are several solutions that include Adblock already integrated into the app. This is the case with Opera Mini, the mobile counterpart of the famous computer app. This unique solution has the benefit of blocking advertising with the obvious benefit of reducing page load times and consuming fewer data from the rate plan.

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