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    Google is All Set to Recite Story in The Android Devices

    Want to read the story in an interesting way? Google has a plan to encourage reading habit in children. In a recent update in its digital assistant, now every Android or Google product compatible with a feature of the listening story called “Tell Me A Story”. Google Assistant is an AI-based personal assistant that used to navigate easy functions for its users. Actually, there are several methods available for the audiobook but they are not authorized and not easy to use. So in the concise result, Google allows users to read the story in whole new ways. To know the actual impact of this feature, we expressed how Google is all set to recite a story in the Android devices.


    How To Hear Story In Your Android Devices

    On the “National Tell A Story Day” 27 April, Google launches this feature in its assistant. To make Google recite a story to you, long press at the Home Screen button on the Android devices, Google Assistant is ready to hear from you, Ask “Tell Me A Story”, and here you go… Google Assistant starts reading a random story for you. As mention earlier, Google wants to encourage reading habit in the children, so most of the story is all about children. The story is typically based on the U.S. region from the children methodology.

    How “Tell Me A Story” Feature Help You

    Hmm! The possible question from your side. There are plenty of features on Google Assistant but we know only a few ones just because of usability. This “Tell Me A Story” feature is also helpful in many ways. To make a list of the advantage of this feature, we are capturing a table of content to dive into the depth.

    • First and the foremost advantage of this feature is children are used to with the story and they enjoy this process.

    • It encourages the reading habit in the children, if they found something amusing and interesting in the story then they surely want to read more stories.

    • This feature helps to parent in a positive manner, If parents are busy then they make use of this feature to get the work done and children also busy with stories.

    • The most important impact is the morality, every story has a moral that feed value in the children life.

    • If you are on a long road trip and get bored, you can also use this feature to kill the boredom in an interesting way.

    • Make a family time with this feature, ask Google Assistant to tell a story and listen with your family member.

    • Google allows creating a family account, so you can restrict the story that can bring a violation or adult content or any content that affect your children.

    As Google Assistant manager Eric Liu quoted in the postWhether you’re on the way to school drop-off or waiting for soccer practice to start, you can hear fully narrated stories”. He also confirms that this feature is compatible only in the English language in the selected country i.e. US, UK, Canada, Australia, India.

    How To Read Audio Book with Google Assistant

    As “Tell Me A Story” is a feature that encourages reading habit especially in the children, but an adult can also use this feature to play a favourite audiobook. You just need to say, “Hey Google Read Any Book Title” and Google assistant start reading that particular book for you. To redeem this feature, you must have an Account in Google Play Book, otherwise Google Assistant only read the sample of the book, if it is available. You can also skip the content of the book by simply ask “Skip To The Next Chapter”. To ensure Google read your favourite book, make a favourite list of book and say Hey Google, Read My Books.

    Which Devices Available For This Feature

    Mainly this feature available for Android devices and Google products. In Android Devices, Smartphones that use Android OS are ready to use “Tell Me A Story” feature. For Google Products, its concise product like Google Home smart speakers (Home, Mini, Hub, and Max) supports this feature in a whole new way. With Google Home smart speaker, you can listen to the story with sound effects relevant to the story. Let assume if you are about to read along in a Google Smart Home speaker then simply says “Hey Google, Let’s Read-Along”.

    How To Use This Feature On The iPhone

    As we all know iPhone doesn’t support the Google Assistant because Apple has its own personal assistant called Siri. So on the first look, we can’t use this feature directly on the iPhone but there is an alternative way of doing this. You can download an application to start Google Assistant on the iPhone. Google Assistant available on the iTunes App Store in the shape of an app. By installing this tiny application, you can use this feature in your iPhone devices.

    Limitation of “Tell Me A Story” Feature

    Coins have always two sides and this feature also brings the limitation in the hand. It is a good feature for encouraging the reading habit for the children but it is not at it’s best. While this feature just launched on the 27 April 2019, so it still requires some update to expand their limits. The first limitation is the language barrier, as of now, this feature has only supported those story which is written in the English language. The selected region is also considered as a limitation, this feature only supported in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. This feature contains only selected story and the selected Audiobook. As it is on the foundation state or we can say it is on the initial state, that’s why it has some limitation. Hope all the limitation will fix with the time.


    It is very much clear that “Tell Me A Story” feature can elevate reading habit in the children and could make parenting easier. In this post, we addressed how we can use this feature, the keyword for the Google Assistant. This can support your iPhone with installing an application by App Store. Google Assistant is an AI-based personal assistant and there are many popular brands who use this technology i.e. Siri, Alexa, and Corona. Being a leading Android app development company USA, our team always have eagles eye on the Google update, and this time Google Assistant makes it easy for making Audio content. Acquaint SoftTech feels that this feature is still on its initial state, so there are many updations required to make it more useful for children. Hope this piece of content can amuse you, feel free to SHARE this post with your best one.

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