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    Get Facebook Like Chat Head Popups in WhatsApp Messenger

    If you ever have used Facebook Messenger in your Android smartphone you must have noticed that when someone messages you on facebook a chat head of that conversation pops out and that lets you message that contact without opening the messenger app, would it not be great if could use the same with WhatsApp Messenger, Although WhatsApp lacks this ability of pop out chat heads but with a 3rd party app we can easily do so with WhatsApp.

    How to get Chat Heads in WhatsApp ?

    Before you begin please make sure that you have a rooted device.

    Step 1 :- Firstly make sure that you have installed and Activated WhatsApp in your device.

    Step 2 :- Now install Chat Heads for WhatsApp app from Play store.

    Download Chat heads for WhatsApp from Play Store

    Step 3 :- After installing Chat Heads app on your Android ,Open the app.

    Step 4 :- It will gonna ask you to “allow root access“, Simply allow it.

    Step 5 :- Next, A pop up notification will appear conveying some message about enabling accessibility for this app. Press OK.

    Step 6 :- Now, this selection will move you to the accessibility settings area. Just turn on the accessibility for this app.

    That’s it after this you will get pop up chat heads for every new message you receive, you can also change settings by opening the app.

    If you face any problem then please comment below.

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