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    Flutter vs Android Studio: Which is Better?

    Here begins the brief assessment of Flutter vs Android Studio. Flutter UI development kit developed by Google. This Flutter framework is used to develop apps for iOS and Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Google Fuchsia, and much more. With Flutter, developers can construct native feel applications that can work on different platforms such as android and iOS devices. In fact, Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android apps.

    Android Studio offers significantly more features that improve your benefit when building Android applications. Both Flutter and Android are created by Google

    Each organization needs a mobile app in this competitive market. Flutter is an open-source software development Kit (SDK). It offers responsive views without any JavaScript.

    Application development has increased due to the competitive market and popularity of the mobile app. Both the Android studio and Flutter help to build cross-platform apps using a single programming language. Android Studio is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android apps. Flutter apps are smooth and slick like native applications. Both Flutter and Android studio platforms are unique. Flutter utilizes Dart as a programming language whereas Android studio depends on Java or Kotlin.

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    In this article let’s look at feature insights & the pros and cons of both Flutter and Android Studio.

    What is Flutter?

    Flutter offers reactive views without JavaScript; it is an open-source SDK (Software Development Kit). With the single codebase, developers can build native-looking Android and iOS applications. The code reusability on different platforms, reactive performance, reusable UI blocks are major reasons for the developers to choose the Flutter framework for cross-platform app development.

    How Flutter works

    The core thought behind Flutter is the utilization of widgets. With the combining of different widgets, developers can create the entire UI.  Each widget defines the Stylistic elements, layouts, structural elements, and much more.

    OEM widgets are not utilized by Flutter but it provides the native look ready to use the widget for developing on iOS and Android applications. It provides reactive-style views for the developer. Flutter framework uses Dart programming language. Flutter is a powerful and easy-to-use application development tool; with the help of flutter you can resolve any complexity of the project. The latest version is Flutter 1.20.

    Developers with knowledge of C++/Java can easily relate to Dart. Flutter works with existing code. It is an open-source and free software used by many organizations and developers across the world. Flutter reduces the cost & complexity of the app across different platforms and also speeds up the development process. Flutter helps the designer to deliver the original design without loss or compromise

    Here are the amazing apps examples that are developed on the flutter frameworks including top brands. For example Alibaba, Reflectly, Birch Finance, Hamilton, Coach Yourself, Hookle, CryptoGraph, SG BusTracker, and much more 

    Why Flutter Framework? Top advantages of Flutter

    Flutter before you choose it. Let’s take a closer look at how Flutter app development is better than other frameworks

    1. Faster Coding

    Coding on laptop
    Coding on laptop

    Flutter means more dynamic and faster app development. Developers can change the code and see it straight away on the app. This feature is known as hot reload.  Hot reload normally takes only milliseconds to add a bug fix, features and it is faster to experiment. In native app development, they need to be rebuilt and it also consumes much time but in flutter, most of the code changes can be hot reloaded.  Flutter reduces the time in the development process which will automatically reduce the app production cost.

    2. Single Code for 2 Platforms

    With the use of flutter, developers need only one code base for application development for both the Android and iOS platforms.  Flutter doesn’t rely on the platforms as it has its design and widgets. You can develop the same app for different platforms. If you want to opt for a difference in the app on the platforms also possible with the flutter framework.

    3. Less Testing

    The testing process becomes faster as the framework uses the same code for two different platforms. The developer needs to perform the testing process only once and can assure the quality of the app for both platforms. The quality assurance process becomes faster and it helps to launch the application sooner in the market

    4. Same app UI on older devices

    UI design

    With Flutter your new app looks the same even though the mobile device has the older version of iOS and Android. There is no extra cost associated with supporting older version devices. This framework works on newer versions and older versions like Android Jelly Bean. Similarly on iOS 8 and newer iOS updates. Flutter that allows sharing both the UI code and the UI.

    5. Reduced Code Development Time

    Flutter’s “hot reload” feature allows you to see the applied changes almost instantly, without even losing the current application state. Flutter app development is several times faster due to the increased development speed.

    6. Designs that Your Users will Love

    Design made easy with flutter. You can create your widget or you can modify or customize the existing one. This feature helps you to develop apps that make engaging with your users and also increase your brand values.

    7. Flutter coding

    Flutter is a perfect choice if you need to deliver the app quickly. The designers and developers can work in real-time to develop the application. The hot loading feature helps the developer and designers to UI changes instantly. And also less time is spent on the testing process.

    8. Perfect for Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Flutter framework is perfect for creating minimum feature applications to satisfy the investors as well as the app users in the early stage. It also helps to get feedback for further improvement on the application. When you have little time and need an MVP for your investor then Flutter is a perfect choice.

    9. Increased Time-to-Market Speed

    Flutter development framework functions are quicker than other alternative frameworks. Any 2D-based UI can be implemented with the help of Flutter frameworks.

    10. Support

    concept of support

    As you know Flutter was developed by google you can scale up the application with Google Firebase support. Flutter is the fastest way to deliver a well-performing cross-platform mobile application. Flutter is an ultimate cross-platform UI framework.

    Key benefits of flutter app development are simple & fast development, Great performance, Better compatibility, Open-source, High productivity.

    What is Android Studio?

    Computing and coding are faster than ever with Android studio. It provides the fastest turnaround time for coding and workflow. Both the developer tool and code editing are incorporated in Android studio. Android studio is a Java incorporated development environment for programming.

    Apps usage and demands of android apps are growing every day and now play stores have nearly 1.6 million apps and it is predicted to be increasing in the upcoming days. Let see the major advantage of Android studio 2.0 on application development. Now Android Emulator and Android Studio can be run easily by all the android developers.

    Advantages of Android Studio 2.0 on Development

    1. Instant Run

    This feature has improved the workflows as the changes made on the code can be seen instantly on the emulator or the devices. All the changes can be seen live. This will make the development cycle more proficient. At the point when you click the instant run button the changes are analyzed and deployed in the quickest strategy. It works on all the android versions devices or emulators.

    2. Android Emulator

    The new Android Emulator is quicker in CPU, RAM, and I/O when related with past versions.

    Building an application on an Emulator is much faster than developing the app on real device operations.

    3. Cloud Test Lab

    Cloud Test Lab can play a wide scope of crash tests, legitimately from Android Studio itself. This grants developers to test the application over various devices and device setups.

    4. GPU Debugger Preview

    Creating OpenGL ES games particularly those which are especially graphic designs serious, the new GPU debugger can guide the app developers to examine, distinguish and investigate the graphics rendering issues with a wide range of data about the GL state

    5. App Indexing

    With the help of app indexing API now the user can search the app on the google search engine very easily. Android Studio helps with providing the best URL structure in the application code and moreover allows the engineer to add attributes in the AndroidManifest.xml record with no issue.

    Both these features help in Google App Indexing. The developer can validate code later and test the result to get the best outcomes.

    Final thoughts

    Best cross-platform apps can be built with both Android Studio and Flutter. Both have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Android studio is a great tool and Flutter is better than Android Studio because of its Hot Load feature. With Android Studio native Android applications can be created which preferable better features over the applications have created with cross platforms.

    Applications created with flutter will like native applications. Flutter has many more advantages for application development as well as business and development. It will be a great choice if you want to build mobile apps that want to fit your custom needs and requirements and high-performance mobile app for both iOS and Android. With the help of Flutter, you can build a scalable, delightful native experience with faster development. Mobile app development using Flutter will speed up the app development process. The choice of the Flutter and Android studio depends on developer requirements. The above key features of both the Android studio and Flutter will help you to identify the best for your Mobile application development.

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