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    Eight Interesting Android P Features That You Should Know About

    Announced recently in Google I/O 2018, Android P in only a few months have created a hype around itself solely at the back of the features it has announced to be launched with.

    Both businesses and end users are desperately waiting for the new OS launch to try their hands at it. Every feature that the new OS version has been launched with has one or the other business benefit to offer to enterprises of all sizes and localities.


    Here are the Android P features that have kept the world excited –


    1. Adaptive Battery

    Backed by AI, Android P’s new adaptive battery feature over time learn the apps that you use most in every phone session and on the basis of the finding, system resources are assigned to them.

    1. Screenshot Tool

    Usually, when you take a screenshot of the screen, you have to remain dependent on photo editing apps if you wish to make any changes in the captured image. But with the new screenshot tool, you get an inbuilt ability to make changes in the screenshot.

    1. Gesture Navigation

    Usually, an Android device has three navigation buttons at the bottom – Recent Apps, Home, and Back. When the gesture navigation is enabled, recent apps option button is now swapped with a swipe up, while the back button is hidden on the home screen.

    While, when you are in the home tab, there is one home button in middle, but when you are in an app, the back option button comes up and you get all – back, home, and an empty space where recent apps were supposed to be.

    1. Image Preview in Message

    With Android P you get the advantage to view an image in the message preview itself. In the earlier versions, when someone sends you an image through a message, you don’t get the option to view it straight from the notification bar – An action that will now be possible with Android P.

    1. Quick Rotation Tool

    You know how annoying it is when the device orientation changes as soon as you turn it horizontally from its vertical self or vertical from its original horizontal position. With Android P, you will get a new quick rotation tool where you get a button on the screen when you are in either of the orientation, to change to another, easily.

    1. Media Controls Become Vertical

    Android is known to keep horizontal media control bar in all of the devices, but this time around, with Android P, they have introduced vertical bar for media control that will be next to the right edge of the devices.

    1. Indoor Navigation

    One of the most exciting features of Android P is indoor navigation. It allows you to find your way around inside a complex/building. This is a one of a kind feature that has never been tried before by any tech company. Using this, you can now easily find counters/ outlets inside a mall or even an airport. The option has come in as a new business model for Android app development companies to explore.

    1. Slices

    The new Android P functionality would allow you to use an app’s feature while you are using another app. Suppose you are on a restaurant finder app, now with the help of the Slice feature, you would be able to book a cab from your uber app while you are using the other app – eliminating the need to close your restaurant app to use Uber.

    Which Android P enticed you most? Or are you as excited about Android P coming to your device like us? Let us know in the comments below

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