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    The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone and Android

    Have you taken pictures, either personal photos or business images, and uploaded them to social networking sites without attracting likes? This could be because of the quality and editing of the pictures. Gone are the days where sophisticated photo editing that involves multiple layers and tone curves could only be carried out on a desktop computer. Now, you can snap RAW and high-resolution pictures on your Android and iPhones. More so, you can now enhance the quality and general outlook of your pictures with advanced editing right from your iPhones and Android devices.

    With properly edited photos, you can draw people’s interest in what you’ve posted. Imagine people staying on for over a minute on a social networking site to like a photo and read your post because of the quality of the edited image.

    Below are five of the advanced photo editing apps available for both iPhone and Android.

    1. Snapseed:

    This is ideal for advanced editing of photos on a mobile device, and it is freely available on iOS and Android. Designed by Google, this app has a wide ensemble of features that makes just as standard as the desktop image editors. Bring the most mundane photos to vibrant life by using Snapseed attributes of altering photo’s blur, vignette, temperature, grainy overlays, Retrolux filters, and other exciting features. It further allows for precision masking, enabling you to edit the depth of field and, it has a “Selective Adjust” tool.


    • Users of Snapseed can use swiping gestures in editing pictures, selecting different enhancements and effects
    • There is a Snapseed option for automatic adjustment of contrast and colour
    • It allows for saving the user’s editing history and can redirect to previous actions
    • It can create and also save combinations of filters by utilizing the default editing and filters features
    • The unique filters and effects on Snapseed include Grunge, Drama, Vintage, Frames, a Tilt-Shift (which can resize pictures) and Center Focus.
    • The newly introduced upgrades include glamour glow, lens blur, HDR noir and scape
    • As a user, you can share your edited photos on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.


    2. VSCO:

    This photo editing app is also free but with optional in-app purchases for Android and iOS. Just like Instagram, it combines a camera, an online community, and editing tools. This photo editing app is more about its filters to make smartphone photos appear like film. With camera controls and professional-grade tools, VSCO is an excellent app for professionals and novices alike.

    Features :

    • The VSCO filters enhance your photos without any distortion or making them appear over-filtered. The thirteen free preset filters alongside extra free filters located in the “Shop” sections are easy to use.
    • VSCO’s clarity tool makes an image appear sharper and clearer. A user can employ it in creating a contrast between light and dark areas in an image.
    • With the tint tool, you can change the colour tint of your image into either green or purple tones.
    • Featuring a skin tone tool that can correct the tints of the colours in an image making it appear like the right skin tone colour of a selfie or portrait.


    3. Prisma Photo Editor:

    Also available for free on iOS and Android, it turns photos into artistic drawings and paintings. Prisma is an exception from those awful filters that try to turn pictures into paintings and drawings. The Prisma Photo Editor system makes your images appear as though they were painted by the best of professionals. It also has its online community where you can share your edited image.


    • You can edit your pictures on Prisma with over forty filters
    • It features a cropping tool that allows you to crop images and a 90 ̊ image rotation. However, the cropping tool is not available for photos that were taken through the Prisma app itself.
    • There is a filter-bend control feature, quite similar to that on Instagram, which allows a user to control the filter-bend a 0% to 100%
    • Unlike several other photo editing apps, this app doesn’t overlay filters to an image. Instead, it creates a complete edited image from the ground level via Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI)


    4. Adobe Photoshop Express:

    In the area of professional-level photography tools, perhaps there is no tool more similar to photo editing than this Photoshop Express. This free iOS and Android app take all the best editing tools of Photoshop into itself. Despite its numerous advanced features, this editing app can be easily used on a small touchscreen. It has all the editing tools you’d expect, including the best selection of smart filters.

    Features :

    • With the basic features, you can straighten, crop, rotate and flip your images as well as remove pet-eye and red-eye.
    • With the auto-fix tool, you can adjust images for exposure, contrast, and white balance with one-touch
    • Remove dust, spots, and dirt from your images with one-touch via the blemish removal tool
    • Through the Photoshop Text engine which works behind the scenes, you can add text to your photos. You can choose from a wide ensemble of styles to get quality results of a professional standard.
    • It features a Looks option from which you can choose over 45 spectacular effects. Different look categories include Portrait, Black and White, Nature and Duo Tones


    5. Foodie:

    This free Android and iOS app takes your food pictures to a whole new level. Foodie embraces the human impulse to take photos of their food. Though the editor is kind of synonymous to Instagram’s, all of its 30 features are established with food in mind. It makes the colour of the food pop and helps you get the perfect top view bird’s eye shot.

    Features :

    • Specialized for food, selfies, and scenery, the Foodie camera app has over thirty professional-standard live filters. These include Positano, Yum, Tropical, Picnic, Fresh, Sweet, Crispy, Romantic and the Chewy Filters.
    • Includes a smart guide feature enabling the user to take accurate top-down images of food easily
    • Interesting live filters for season videos
    • User can employ various filters and edits to transform bland scenes into mouth-watering masterpieces.
    • With the mute option, you can take photos or selfies of food in quit restaurants
    • It includes a timer used in catching the perfect moment
    • You can share photos with other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, VSCO, and Instagram.

    After reading this article, you should now be aware that you have no excuse for that poor quality, improperly edited photos you upload. Now, you have the arsenal to build your image and profile with high standard images that do all the talking for you. The photo editing apps for Android and iPhone listed above are the best available and highly compatible with both the platforms.

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