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    Best App Stores For Android Smartphones – Top Google Play Store Alternatives

    App Stores are an integral part of an Android Device. They do not, however, offer every app for free. Therefore, people look for other alternatives to PlayStore as well. Sometimes, a person wants to get the premium version of the app and doesn’t want to pay for it and that is where other app stores come into play. Another reason is that the application is available only on iOS devices and thus, to enjoy it on Android, alternative app stores come in handy.

    To install the app, you have to enable downloads from unknown sources. To do so, go to settings > security > ‘unknown sources’

    This will enable you to download app stores for your Android device.



    SlideMe is one of the most popular app stores for Android devices and why not? It comes with loads of features which attracts customers because of such features. SlideMe offers both, paid and free apps but what makes it special is that SlideMe provides you with apps which have not been launched on PlayStore or App store yet and thus, you will be the first ones to enjoy the applications. Thus, if you are a kind of person who wants to try the new thing before anyone else does, you shouldn’t look beyond SlideMe. They are usually uploaded earlier than PlayStore because they gave Android Open Source Project (AOSP) OEM’s.

    You will be able to access fully developed applications with high quality and you can analyze the app. Therefore, you can be sure that your phone is in safe hands even if you try half cooked applications.


    Amazon Appstore

    All New Amazon App Store Banner

    Amazon Appstore is one of the most widely ranged alternatives to the PlayStore for Android smartphones as it houses over 300,000 apps of all sorts, thus giving you a variety to look forward to. It provides apps for free and legitimately as well. Every app is not free, but they have a unique feature where they offer their users a paid premium app for free, which is refreshed every day. So, when you check their app every day, you might get what you have been looking for or even better. This is one of the most trustable alternatives to the Google PlayStore which makes it a very popular option for the people.

    They work extra hard to make sure that you do not get malicious software. Along with various apps, they also are a home to a collection of books, movies, etc.


    GetAPK Market

    GetAPK Market is one of the most popular applications which the people use as a replacement for the PlayStore. It is one of the best app stores for Android Smartphones as it has a vast collection of free premium applications. You get everything for free here.

    People almost always scroll past the app which they see is paid as they do not want to spend money to get an app on PlayStore. For this reason, the GetAPK market has made its name in the market as it gets you all the paid premium games and applications absolutely free of cost. Also, there are over a thousand apps available for download. With the simple interface it has and the number of applications available there, it is one of the best App stores for Android devices.


    APK Mirror

    APK Mirror is a store that has only free apps and there is no paid application which the APK Mirror houses. If you’re looking for free applications under one roof, APK Mirror is where you should go to. You can filter the apps showing to you according to your needs including alphabetical order, most downloaded, etc. Over the years this app has become one of the best app stores for Android because of the free applications as well as easy to use UI.



    AppBrain is another perfect app store for Android devices as it has premium applications which one can have for free. However, AppBrain is slightly different than most other app stores as it offers free premium apps only for a limited time. At one point of time, only a few premium applications are free of cost while others are still paid applications. The reason behind this is that AppBrain still isn’t as popular as other apps and therefore, this is their marketing strategy. Random apps become free at random time and all the apps are from the App store and play store only.



    It is, therefore, important that you download the best app store alternatives on your Android devices so that you can experience the ultimate editions of the games and apps.

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