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    Best Android Apps to Monitor Data and Control Data Usage

    Unless you get an unlimited data plan on your Android device, there is always a fear of exceeding the data limit of your internet plan. Such a scenario can lead to overage data expenses. To avoid crossing your data limit, you must keep monitoring your data usage and learn to control it.

    A lot of telcos today usually have a self-service app available, where you can review your usage, along with other information regarding your account. However, these apps might lack real-time monitoring of your data usage, or your provider may simply lack a self-service app.

    There are several third-party apps for your Android phone that can help monitor and control your data usage. Taking advantage of their availability might mean the difference between a confusing end-of-the-month cycle, and a well thought out phone plan budget. The best part? They’re mostly free and easy to use.

    Some data usage apps can help determine which apps use the most data.

    1. My Data Manager – free

    Having been downloaded by over 10 million users, the My Data Manager app has been hailed as a reliable solution to monitor and manage users’ internet data on Android devices. Using this app, you can track your Wi-Fi as well as cellular data. You can also check your past data usage so that you find the most suitable data plan according to your data usage pattern.

    Use My Data Manager every day to track how much data you are using, get custom usage alerts before you cross your data limit, and avoid overage charges. With this app, you can track all members you share your plan with and track usage on multiple devices.


    2. Data Usage – free

    Initially developed for iOS devices, Data Usage is now popular among Android users as well. It is an easy-to-install app that uses theme colours which change to reflect your current data usage pattern. The best feature of the app is that you can receive separate records for cellular data and Wi-Fi. It allows you to make the required changes to your data usage habits.

    Using Data Usage on your Android phone, you can set limits on your cellular data so that you can know when the data limit is close to being reached. A dedicated widget will keep you informed about your current data usage.


    3. Internet Speed Meter Lite – free

    Internet Speed Meter Lite shows your internet connection speed in a status bar. A notification pane also shows the amount of data used. Using this popular app, you can monitor network connections at any desired time while using the device.

    Internet Speed Meter Lite android data monitoring app.
    Internet Speed Meter Lite for Android.

    This free and completely ad-free app allows users to monitor their traffic data for the last 30 days. It shows real-time speeds of running apps on your Android. The best part is Internet Speed Meter Lite doesn’t require much battery usage.


    4. Traffic Monitor – free

    Traffic Monitor is an all-in-one data monitoring app for Android users. This app doesn’t only monitor your data usage but also allows you to perform a speed test, check your signal quality, and get network information.

    Traffic Monitor allows users to find the availability of 3G and 4G networks in surrounding areas using its coverage map. You can also measure mobile coverage at home and compare it with other subscribers. The speed test shows the speed and latency of your network connection, Wifi network, and LTE, all on a speedometer. You can compare bill information with data usage to avoid surprises.


    5. Opera Max – free

    Opera Max serves as a smart data management assistant. It allows users to save data, manage their apps, and shield their security. This is one of the most popular data monitoring Android apps and it promises users a savings of up to 50% on their data plan. It compresses the data used by Android apps by using the same data compression technology in the Opera Mini web browser

    Opera Max not only monitors your data usage but also provides advice on reducing data and money wastage. Using secure and encrypted connections on public Wi-Fi, Opera Max ensures that your personal information remains protected while you stay connected to the internet.


    6. Network Connections – free

    Network Connections is another free and best data monitoring app for Android users. This tool tracks and displays all inbound and outbound connections to and from your device.

    The Network Connections app sends notifications when hidden apps connect to remote servers. It provides detailed information for each connection – reversed resolving, ASN (Autonomous System Number), IP (Internet Protocol) address, etc. Using this app, you can keep the record of, and export, the captured data usage.


    Final words

    Exceeding your plan’s data limit can lead to unnecessary headaches. The result might be extra charges on your phone bill or plan or the sudden inability to connect to the internet. Whatever the result is, there are several free apps that can help you avoid such experiences. These apps can also help you determine your average data usage, which can, in turn, help you determine just how much data to purchase to suit your needs. Choose any of the apps listed here if you are an Android user, for the best control of your data usage habits.

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