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    Best Android Apps not in Play Store

    If you are an Android user, then you know all the importance of the Google Play Store. There is no any field or topic for which you can’t find an Android app on the Play Store. It is the most reliable source to download and use the applications for productivity, gaming, news, music, books, movies, etc. But, do you know that still there are a plethora of Android apps that are not available on the Play Store and yet are useful, reliable, and top-rated? Today, we will see such kind of popular applications which you can download and use right now without any worry.


    1) Amazon App Store

    You will say Amazon store is available on the Play Store, so why it is listed here? Well, if you haven’t, reread the title. Yes, it’s ‘Amazon App Store.’ The leading e-commerce platform has its own online store to install and use applications according to your interest.

    On the Amazon App Store, you can get a vast collection of free and paid apps in all genres that are not available on Google Play. It is the best alternative to Google Play Store.

    Download Amazon App Store now!


    2) Tube Mate

    I have used this app on my Android, and I just loved it. It is one of the most reliable resources to download YouTube videos, Mp3 music, and movies on your Android device. Since few years, YouTube has restricted the downloading of the videos and other stuff from the channel for offline usage purpose. Yes, you can download and watch videos on YT even when you are offline, but only on YouTube. There are some apps available on Play Store too which can help to download and watch the YT videos, but they have limited access. So, you need to use outside application to do that.

    Tube Mate is undoubtedly the best application that is not available in the Play Store to download YouTube videos. It is a free app and has a fantastic downloading speed. The app is lightweight so it will not take too much of space on your system. You can search the videos directly on this app and can download them in full resolution.

    Get the Tube Mate app now!


    3) Google Camera

    No, I am not joking. This Google App is also available on the Play Store but with some limited features. You will get the HDR+ mode for the Google Camera in the Pixel Line and Nexus device which are no other than the products from Google itself. But, when you get them installed on other than the Google phones, you will not get this image processing technique.

    HDR+ feature allows you to take multiple photo exposures and then combine them to have a perfect shot. It is just a fantastic technique that everyone wants on his/her phone, right?

    Get Google Camera with HDR+ now!


    4) WiFi Kill

    This app is designed specifically for the internet users. If you are using a WiFi network on one or more of your devices and don’t want the intruders to use your wireless services, then you should use the ‘WiFi Kill’ app. This application is especially useful if you have no security settings on your WiFi network.


    WiFi Kill application basically controls the wireless network. It will show you a list of the devices that are connected to your WiFi. It will also show the transfer speed of the device using the network. It can disable all the devices connected through the internet and that you do not want to stay in the network. It will help to allocate all the internet bandwidth to your single device and thus allow you to get the superior download and upload speeds. Not only on Android phones, but the WiFi Kill application can work on the tablets too.


    Get the WiFi Kill app today.


    5) Humble Bundle

    If you love to play games, then you should have this application installed on your device. Humble Bundle is the best app for gaming that is not available in the Google Play Store. It allows you to download the high-end games of all genres on your Android device and PC.

    It comes with its own library which you can manage from your phone easily. You will also receive the updates of the app and games through the Humble Bundle Library. It helps you to install and run any game that you have purchased. Overall, it is the excellent resource for the Android gamers.

    Download Humble Bundle Android app now!


    Bonus App: QuickLyric

    As the name suggests, this application will allow you to download the lyrics of any songs you listen, download, or search on your mobile device. Yes, there are plenty of apps available on the Google Play Store which have a similar function to this app. However, they do not provide all their services for FREE!

    The uniqueness of the QuickLyric app is that you can have an offline download for each song you want with just a click of the button. Moreover, if you enable the automatic lyrics to refresh feature, then with the new song you add to your device, it’s relevant lyrics will be automatically downloaded from the web. When the track changes, you can also set the lyrics to be changed too! So, this app is quite excellent and useful stuff that you will love to have on your phone.

    Note: This app is available now on Google Play Store. Get it here.


    Final Words

    So, these were the best Android apps those are not available in the Google Play Store. Which app you like the most and want to download on your device? Mention your favorite application in the comment section below.

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