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    Are You Jealous of Apple FaceTime Users? Try These Android Alternatives

    Just like Facebook is the king of social media, despite a plethora of social media platforms available like Instagram and Snapchat. Facetime is the king of video calling. Whenever we talk about the digital market, the names of both Apple and Google are used conjointly. If one does something out of the box, the other one does not lag behind. The fuel of competition always keeps up the fire of innovation and quality output at competitive pricing. Yes, the user is always on the bright side with both these giants are in the boxing ring. The users also don’t stay anywhere out of this competition, they are equally enthusiastic and supports their devices.

    However, coming to the video calling mobile app development, there is nothing developed by Google that can overtake Facetime. Nothing to be sad about Android users, Google does have alternatives. There are certain Android apps that can be a great substitute for the Facetime and let the Android users experience the same flair of happiness as that of Apple users. Let’s make the Android users feel privileged about their choice and save them from the jealousy they have been feeling.


    #1. Google Duo

    The better version of Allo probably. Well, I guess you must have heard about Google Duo and many of you might have already used it. If not, you better do now. This is the current video chat mobile app for the Android users. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to stroll through the Google Play store, find it from a bunch of other video calling apps and download it to get started with. This app comes pre-installed on your Android device.

    What you need to do to get started with is to open it, confirm the phone numbers and you are done. When its Google, you don’t have to think twice about the quality and the same is the case here. The video quality is commendable complying with the WebRTC standard. Now, you can see the face of your loved ones anytime you want even with the Android device. The knock knock feature gives you the feeling that you are actually visiting your friend or family and seeing them live.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots]


    #2. Facebook Messenger

    Facebook messenger does not come pre-installed on your Android devices. However, to your astonishment, the user base of the Facebook messenger is wider than that of Google Duo. Coming to the video quality comparison of this Android app development, Google Duo has an upper hand still people use Facebook messenger more.

    Wondering why? The simple answer is a majority of the people are using it. Video chat option is right there in the middle of the conversation and hence while you are having chat, you feel like seeing them, you can directly make a video call. Amazing, isn’t it. So, even being devoid of Facetime, Android users have the flair of video calling just like the Apple users.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.facebook.orca ]


    #3. WhatsApp

    Facebook and WhatsApp Possess the same owner, but they are totally variant products and different user base. Worldwide WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service which rolled out the update consisting of video calling option. Now, it’s not just the Android users with whom you can have video chat, Android, and iPhone users can get this privilege. Coming to the quality part, if you set direct comparison with Google Duo, WhatsApp won’t be able to match it, but is not bad to be eliminated entirely from the usage.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.whatsapp ]


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