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    Why Android OS is the Necessity for the IT Industry

    If we want to choose the best smartphone or tablet from this vast market then you should start it by preparing a checklist so that we can able to compare the features, price and shortlist our desired mobile, tablet, computer or laptop. Part of the other mobile OS like iOS and Windows specifications of Android OS is really amazing there is no particular rivalry of this technology to the others.

    It is fact that Android is covering all the basic features and functions as a need of the generation. Gaming and surfing are having lots of trends now invented to attract the people. If you want a better phone you can have to pay and purchase it to use actually. The ease of availability has pushed Android to the forefront and allowed it to challenge the other technology.


    World’s Most Popular Mobile Technology

    As the Android was based on open source software, it also had to be open source and that led it being adopted by a plethora of electronic manufacturers which further fuelled the growth of smartphone market and has caused a snowball effect. The fame and the charm of the Android Smartphone led to the development of the tablet and have caused a decline in the sale of PCs.

    Various IT companies dependent on the PC like Microsoft, Dell and HP have reacted to its decline and all three have developed or are developing Android smartphones and tablets which have led to the current homogenized state in the IT industry. A computer has completely turned into laptops and so as the laptops are changed into the Smartphones. This good change has been developed because of android smart technology.

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    With the passage of times each and everything is being changed more and more, so now it is essential for the android production companies to make some new and attractive designs. In fact, all the entire android manufacturers are doing a good job. Now in our time, we did not have an alternative to Android mobile phone technology.


    Market Reviews About Android Technology

    As getting into interaction with the lots of markets in the world we have come to know that Android has its own charm and there is great demand for it. We all are using mobiles and contacting each other all the time, we can judge better and know who is working right according to desires. It has come from the markets reviews of android products shows a great revolution in the world.

    People are waiting for new android mobiles; companies are in need of getting contracts for new office computers and laptops. Charm and speed of processors are just amazing; this technology is completely helpful to get access to features and applications such as different games, Google research, and Google Maps.


    Best Features of Android

    The technology of Android is completely based on open software source. It also had to be open source and that led it being adopted by a plethora of electronic manufacturers. Into the main features of new Android technology, there is great speed and strength, there are also various smart features too involved like best quality visuals, multi-tasking supports and standability in connections.


    Powerful Development Framework

    Concepts of Android App Development

    This is one of the best features of Android smartphones and it is being developed more and more. There are best things involved in promoting its sale all around like its functions and games support features.


    Global Partnerships and Large Install Base

    It is fact that its features and functions are being in use of the people of the world, people who are working in offices and into the companies are utilizing android feature more and more.

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