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    Android Games You Need To Know About This Month

    The reign of the iPhone and the end-to-end iOS is swiftly declining. In fact, the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker reported a decline in the number of Apple’s smartphones shipped in the final quarter of 2018. Some experts expect this to be the £1000 price point being issued as standard. The continual growth of Huawei has seen Apple drop a position in market share and Samsung’s strong position in the market is unwavering. It’s no wonder that developers like those working on online slot machines (extremely relevant given the growth in mobile casino gaming), simulation game developers and live-action game developers to name but a few prefer building with Android OS. Java programming is easier to script and easier to integrate across PC and mobile.


    Smartphone users reportedly spend up to 1 hour 40 minutes per day playing mobile-operated games, resulting in mobile gaming being pegged the next big marketing opportunity. What’s more, the cause of the rise is simple: it’s all the fun, risk and reward of online gaming but carried around in your pocket. You can’t escape it and with these new games, we don’t expect you’ll want to either.


    HQ Trivia

    Although HQ Trivia has been around for a while, users are still loving the free daily trivia contest. Players compete against each other in a 12-question countdown. The multiple-choice questions get increasingly harder and are time – there’s no nipping out of the app to google the answer! It’s notoriously hard but the community, presenters’ personalities and challenge to beat your own PB make this game well worth downloading. If you’re not convinced – there’s a minimum £1000 cash prize won every night. The only catch is that it’s divided between all the winners.


    Football Manager 2019

    Pegged the freshest Football Manager in years, if you’re a sports fan or had previously grown tired of the franchise, it’s worth checking out its most recent February update. It’s like playing a brand-new game, though you’re still in the manager’s chair, choosing from 116 leagues and 51 nations to choose from.

    You’ll spend your week waiting for matchday, organising training schedules and curating your teams. You can bring your armchair expert tactics to life…or at least your phone. The only downside to FM19 is the complexity when you’re getting started. Check out all the updates online.

    Available from Android version 4.1.



    The ‘Last Man Standing’ game, Player Unknown Battleground, has been topping charts since early sign up on Steam. The game starts with you being parachuted onto an island with 99 other players – and it only gets tougher. The map forces you closer together as an electrical storm rolls in, building tension as you’re never sure if you’re the hunter or the hunted. You have to source weapons, clothing and all the equipment you need to take on 99 other mercenaries.

    It’s commended for the simplicity of concept, though PUBG is rivalling Fortnite for Battle Royale’s top position.



    If you love casual arcade games that are totally addictive and eat hours of your weekend or even just kill time for your entire commute, VOODOO’s portfolio of games is well worth looking into. Constantly bringing out new bitesize, uncomplex games with easy linear progression, VOODOO’s brightest stars include Grass Cut (updated February 14) and Helix Jump (updated February 12). They bring such simplistic satisfaction to users as well as burning infuriation.

    They take up very little space on your device so you can swap between them. These are the type of games almost-exclusive to android due to their excessively simple interfaces that touch screen technology facilitates as opposed to mouse-click and PC games.

    There’s a game type for everyone as we head into a new month, with new updates and brand-new releases. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just a casual player, it’s going to be worth investing in an Android or a supported device. They’re more regularly updated and enjoy a larger variety to choose from due to Apple’s long-winded placement procedure. Developing for an Android system uses Java programming, which is an easily transferable operating system. This means your favourite Android game is more likely to be available on other web devices, too.

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