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    Which Android App Development Trends Will Catch Momentum in 2018?

    Over the past few years, the app development industry has grown manifolds. The smartphone revolution has become the perfect platform for all app developing companies to showcase their talents and to derive monetary benefits from their apps. The years gone by have witnessed the rise and growth of apps created for different operating systems. And, the years that are to come will witness new tools and trends that will keep up the pace that app industry has been growing with.

    The Android app development company has seen many new trends that have been welcomed by the users and makers alike. Similarly, there were new innovations that were not acknowledged. This blog will discuss the three Android app development trends that will catch momentum in 2018 with emphasis on broader categories.

    1. Apps with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the X-factors for many apps. Users who have seen the glimpse of these in Hollywood flicks have been waiting to see what these technologies can do in real life. While possessing a gadget that can help you experience these technologies can cost a fortune, downloading an app that uses these technologies is easy.

    Although, there are many apps that are using these technologies. The term for such apps is “intelligent apps.” However, these technologies have not been harnessed to their full potential. The year 2018 will see a rise in the number of apps that use ML and AI. There might be some apps that will improvise on the existing technology and there will be some that will bring on a different approach altogether.


    1. Customer-Experiential Apps for Revenue Growth

    Customers have always been the focus of what companies do and app market is not different. However, giving importance to customer feedback and experience is extremely important. Every year companies realize the potential of customer feedback and work towards deriving maximum value out of it. Some use feedback to enhance their apps, others launch new offerings.

    A trend that is in line with this understanding is instant applications that have become popular in the past year. The instant apps provide a glimpse of an actual app without the users having to download the app. This is an example of how valuable customer experience is. The Android app development trends that will become popular in 2018 will be focused on making the customer experience the topmost priority.


    1. Revolutionary Apps with Revolutionary Technologies

    If you look at trending apps in the past few years, you will see how different types of apps emerged. For example, banking institutes launched mobile apps or restaurant launching delivery apps. This became a revolution where every bank and restaurant wanted to have an application to reach out to customers in a far better way,

    A possible new financial revolution will be caused by Blockchain technology that is based on a cryptocurrency Bitcoin exchange. It is believed that this technology is a solution to a lot of financial concerns and financial institutes worldwide will embrace this. If this is true, apps that use blockchain technology for transactions will be a hot new trend in 2018.

    Besides these trends, the year 2018 will continue to see a rise in apps that offer security or are hosted via the cloud. The number of such apps will increase and uses might also see a possible amalgam of such apps with the other trending apps. Users will remain the center point for whatever will trend in the Android app development companies in the years to come.

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