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    Android App Development Challenges in 2020

    According to stats, the average mobile phone user uses 30 different apps in a month. Most of us are checking apps multiple times an hour, which shows just how large of a role they have in our lives. Of course, for us to have apps to check, companies and developers in the software development industry need to create them.

    Revenues in the industry are growing and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As a result, more and more companies and developers want to get involved and get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, developing apps for Android or any other platform, for that matter, isn’t all peaches and cream.

    There are many difficulties and challenges that developers will need to overcome in 2020 in order to be successful. These will test the will and patience of any developer. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a couple of Android app development challenges in 2020.

    Potential Security Issues

    While security has always been a concern, it is an even greater one in 2020. Hacks and data breaches are growing, unfortunately, more common, and any company, developer or app can fall victim. If your app and its code aren’t secure, you run the risk of being compromised. This could cost you a ton of money, and could ruin the reputation of your app. 

    Make sure you use a tool like Loggly to monitor your logs and keep an eye on everything to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is taking place. Also, with Android being open source, it makes developers more vulnerable to attacks. Be sure to take all necessary security measures into account.

    Problems with Compatibility

    Another problem that many Android developers will face in 2020 comes down to compatibility. Android is an incredibly large platform, with a ton of different devices in use. Making sure your app is compatible with all of the different types of devices can be a unique challenge. The devices will have different sizes, qualities, capabilities and battery life.

    It is much easier to build an app for one or a few devices than it is to build for dozens. Also, there are many different Android operating systems in use out in the market as well. While many upgrade to the new version once it comes out, that’s not always the case. Trying to keep pace with all of the new and varied versions of Android can be cumbersome, as well. 

    Marketing Your App

    While this might not be directly tied to the development of the app, it is certainly something that needs to be thought about by developers everywhere. The Google Play store is home to an incredibly large number of apps, and the number is growing every day. That is a lot of competition to have to deal with.

    In order to stand out, developers will need to have a plan in place to market and promote their app to the masses. Be sure to have a strategy in place to target and reach your audience through digital marketing. If you don’t have a plan and just expect the quality of your app to be enough, you could be in for a rude awakening.

    If you find yourself struggling to market your app without assistance, be sure to reach out to a professional marketer. While this can be costly at times, it can often be the difference between a successful and profitable app and one that falls flat.

    In conclusion, these are some of the likely Android app development challenges that developers will face in 2020.

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