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    7 Ways to Track Android Phone Without Being Detected

    Tracking a cell phone is not too easy. Many users want to track their lost phones or those that have been stolen, but they don’t know how to do it. We understand that smartphone owners are hurt when their phones are lost or stolen. For such users, we have created this guide. We try to keep the guide simple and not-so-technical so that even the less tech-savvy users can understand it.

    Let’s explore the 7 methods to track any Android cell phone.


    1. Use Google Location History

    Using this method is really easy for anyone. But there are some requirements that you should follow in order to track any android phone with this method. The phone you want to track should be connected to the internet, the Gmail account should be in your access and location should be turned on.

    That means you know these things only when the phone belongs to you. No other person will have any idea about these details. When the location is turned on, you can change the history of your device in Google Location and it will give you an idea of where the phone is.


    1. Use Google Photos

    This method is also very effective and useful. You can find any stolen or lost phone with this method. But the condition is that your Google account should be logged in on the device. Even a guy a few months earlier was caught with this method. The robber snatched the phone and continued to use it. The photos were uploaded to the owner Gmail account and the police caught him red handed.


    1. Use Prey Software

    The next method to track an android phone is to use the prey software. The option is valid and practical. But there is an issue with this. In order to track an android phone, this app should be installed on the device. After that, you will be able to track the device no matter where it is. Even the app shows a history of locations and all the places the phone has been to. It will be easy for users than to track the phone and find the exact location.


    1. Use Default Phone Finder

    Nowadays, many phones are coming with a default feature of tracking devices and phones. Most of the new smartphones and tablets get this feature. Companies have realized the importance of tracking a phone so they provided the users with this feature. However, one thing is important. The feature should be turned.

    Turning on and activating the feature is easy. You can find this feature in settings, turn it on and allow the phone to access your location. After that, you will be able to live track the phone in case it is lost or stolen. You will not be worried about your phone anymore with this feature.


    1. Use IMEI Number for Tracking

    Here comes another way to track an android phone. This method is only useful when you have lost the phone or it was stolen. The users can’t track a phone with IMEI on their own. IMEI is the identity of every phone that is different from any other device. In other words, every phone has a different IMEI. The manufacturer can help the real phone owner to track their phones after getting details and necessary information.


    1. Use Fingerprint Usage

    This is something new and many people don’t know about it. Many devices these days have this feature. The idea is that the fingerprint of the phone owner is used to track an android phone. When you enter your fingerprint, it is stored and can be used at any time to detect and find the phone location. But the person who has fingerprint registered in the device will be able to track it.


    1. Use an Android Phone Tracking App

    Lastly, this is one of the best and easiest options. You should install an Android spy app on the phone. You will be able to track it anytime when it is lost. The app will help you track the live location with the GPS location tracking feature.

    Apart from this, the spy apps can be used for other purposes. You will have the power to track calls, spy on messages, get access to the phone, track live locations, check photos and multimedia files. This sort of apps are widely used and they are considered the best option when it comes to tracking a phone.

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