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    6 Best Tax Apps for Small Business Owners

    The organization is important and apps can help you with it greatly. If there is anything we need to be more organized with its tax.

    Asked Tax Returned for some help compiling this. Below are the six best tax apps available for small business owners and freelancers to keep their taxes organized while on the go.


    #1:  The H&R Block Tax Preparation App

    Regardless of whether the tax return is straightforward, or something more detailed, you can utilize the H&R tax app.  This app will help you begin filing the self-employed taxes and start return free of charge.  When you have decided on the complexity of the tax return, you will need to pay an amount ranging from $34 to $74 to electronically file it.

    The Smart Import feature of the app allows you to take a picture of the 1099MISC or W-2s for an instant import of all your generated income.  Moreover, the H&R Block Tax Preparation mobile app can automatically review tax returns for omissions and errors; therefore, ensuring your maximum refund is claimed.

    This app is available for both Android and iPhone users, and it is free to download.


    #2:  The TurboTax Mobile App

    If you have a less complicated tax return, but the time you have to complete the form is limited, then the TurboTax mobile app is the best solution for your needs.  This app allows you to file your tax return while traveling in approximately ten or fifteen minutes.

    This particular tax app is perfect for self-employed freelancers and individuals because you can take pictures of the tax forms and upload them to the app.  Moreover, you have access to qualified tax professionals via the app and can gain answers to any tax-related questions.

    The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices; however, the electronic filing of state and federal returns begins at $40.


    #3:  The QuickBooks Self-Employed App

    The QuickBooks Self-Employed app was created specifically for small business owners and freelancers with multiple income sources from customers and clients.  This individual’s tax return is more than likely a complicated one with various income streams and many different business expenses.

    The good news here is that the QuickBooks app is simple to use.  All you need to do is take a picture of the company’s receipts so you can export the tax deductions at the end of the financial year.

    The app is currently available for both Android and iPhone devices free of charge; however, you will need to pay $5 per month to utilize the associated online software.


    #4:  GoDaddy Bookkeeping App (Previously, Outright Bookkeeping App)

    The GoDaddy Bookkeeping app is a product advantageous for any freelance company.  It operates by organizing all of the business’ finances in one place, linking accounts from credit cards, eBay accounts, bank accounts, PayPal, Etsy, Amazon and many more.  The app can also track what you are making, spending and which customers are using your services or purchasing items.

    Previously known as Outright, the GoDaddy Bookkeeping app offers you consistent access to the profit and loss information; thereby, automatically calculating the quarterly tax payments and pre-populating the Schedule C information.  This will provide you with more time to work on more important items related to the business, such as building relationships with loyal consumers and growing your company brand.

    The app is available free of charge and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices.  However, the premium version of GoDaddy’s Bookkeeping software for desktop PCs costs $120 for one year.

    #5:  The FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App

    If you are one of those people who continue to keep receipts in a box under the bedm or handle client data using a spreadsheet – it is time to bring yourself up to date with this accounting app.

    The FreshBooks app allows users to take a picture of their receipts, create client invoices, and perform a follow up on payment – all from the app!  Plus, you can review the financial income and expenses, print month-end reports, and do much more using the app.  In fact, your accountant can access the app separately with a restricted access login so they can gain all the information they require.

    FreshBooks accounts can be synched up to popular tools and applications, such as PayPal, MileIQ, and Stripe.  Furthermore, this tax app is free to download for Android and iPhone users as long as the user has a FreshBooks account.

    #6:  The MileIQ Mobile App

    Regardless of whether you are traveling for charitable, medical or business purposes, it can be difficult to remember to keep track of the vehicle’s mileage.  This is when the MileIQ app can be highly beneficial.  Using this app, you can easily track mileage quickly with the automatic tracking, and record your past trips.

    The information recorded by the MileIQ app can be generated into Excel-compatible reports for expense purposes, as well as downloading them from the application for reports.  On the app, you can classify the travel as business-related or personal marking the expenses as unpaid or paid when you receive the compensation.

    While it is possible to use a free trial for 40 drives, the MileIQ mobile app costs $5.99 per month for Android and iPhone users.

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