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    5 Best Android E-mail Apps in 2018

    ‘E-mail the document to me over the weekend!’ Weekend? Ugghhh…

    Your boss asking to edit and send a document back over the weekend is the worst that can happen to you. Curse e-mails for this! While they have made lives easier, they have ruined it in so many ways as well. Everyone loves to stay connected but this level of connection is not healthy for an employee. Everyone wants to relax on a Saturday or a Sunday. Editing documents for your boss are the last thing you would dream of doing. And with services like Spectrum phone service, the boss has full liberty of sending ‘reminder’ messages, making the whole scenario even worse. It is so hard to ‘forget’ things…

    Well, there is not much that we can do about it. Searching for good e-mail apps seems like a better option. So, here are some of the most popular e-mail apps among Android users.


    Microsoft Outlook

    Famous among all e-mail users, Outlook remains a popular choice. Here is a little history about the app. Microsoft acquired the then celebrated e-mail app Accompli in 2014. The company then rebranded the app to launch it under its brand name with ‘Microsoft Outlook.’ The new app could sync with mobile as well making it very convenient for people to stay connected even when away from the office. Not only does the app bring your e-mails to you, but it also sorts out your contacts and calendar for you. Should you have an event to attend; a reminder can easily be set on your android device using this app. Not to forget that Outlook is smart enough to sort out your most important e-mails for you based on your interactions with a certain person/client/company. It is an amazing app to download on your Android phones and works very well with Office 365, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and iCloud e-mail accounts.


    Google Gmail

    This app comes as a default feature on most of the Android devices. The Gmail app is unique in the sense that it supports multiple accounts all at once and the notifications with them it also has very handy and user-friendly tools that you can use to sort out your e-mails. If you have OCD, you would very well be familiar with the urge to arrange or organize things in a certain manner, then be it e-mails. Anyway, talking about the app, it also has some super cool automatic filters that will separate your spam emails from social notifications without you having to go through the hassle. Pretty considerate on Google’s part, no? And guess what, the Gmail app also allows you to create separate folders by people’s names. You can then tag your incoming emails by the name of that person and they will automatically slide to the relevant folder. Not only this, the app supports other accounts like IMAP and POP. If this was not enough, Gmail added more features to the app that allows the users to undo a sent email (s) or turn off the conversation view mode.



    The name suggests that something is unique about this app. Well, the app does have to offer something that is not common to many email apps.

    E-mail encryption!

    Yes, you read that right, ProtonMail encrypts the e-mails. This means that only the receiver and sender of the e-mail will be able to decrypt the message. This can come in handy to send secret messages. Jokes apart, this app serves as a tool to share important files/documents without the fear of being read by someone else. The high level of security and privacy that this app has to offer translates into ProtonMail being an ad-free app. You can download this app for free. But if you wish to opt for a premium feature like cloud storage, you will have to pay a certain amount to avail it.



    Welcome to the world of AI in e-mails. Trove makes use of Artificial Intelligence to sort out your inbox. The app’s algorithms do so based onE-mail history. The information that Trove gathers from your e-mail history is enough for the app to educate itself about which messages are important to you. It then highlights those e-mails for you for easy reference in the future. Apart from this, the app allows you to customize your notifications and swipe controls. And not just this, you can even sync the app with Amazon’s Alexa and listen to the important or urgent e-mails through the smart speaker system.


    Astro Mail

    Another name in the world of AI e-mail apps is Astro Mail. Just like Trove, it this artificial intelligence powered app sorts your inbox for you. You also get the options to ‘snooze’ your e-mails or ‘send them later’. Moreover, Astro mail allows you to make a unified account with Gmail and Office 365. Although it does not have an Alexa feature, this app has its own chatbot that makes intelligent suggestions about unsubscribing certain mailing lists or simply archiving messages.

    AI is completely changing the way we operate in this world. And if this continues, the Earth will look like a Sci-Fi movie in no time. We have already been introduced to luxuries like smartphones, facilities like Spectrum Internet and human-like creatures we call robots. Let’s see what more surprises technology has in store for us!

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