Lenovo Tie-up with Razer and Gearing up to Shoot Gamers

by Rishab LodhaDecember 2, 2015


Lenovo The china based worlds no 1 PC manufacturer has made a tie up with Razer the company which specialises in PC and accessories for gamers and would soon show its game face. A much similar step was taken by Dell in 2006 by merging with well known and Popular gaming brand Alienware.

It was Announced by Lenovo in 2015 at DreamHack Winter held in Sweden, the first product to roll from this partnership will be the Razer Edition Gaming desktop from Lenovo Y Series. The company has not revealed detailed specifications about the product yet, but in the images it is clearly visible that a Y series tower case has sporting Razer’s iconic green glow, also the lighting at the base is customizable which the company names as ‘Chroma’ lighting.

Lenovo is no. 1 brand in the world of PCs today, they first unveiled the Y Series at the IFA trade show which was held in September 2015. on the other hand, Razer made their first product, which was merely a gaming mouse long back in 1998 & is today well-known for its gaming laptop named ‘Razer Blade’ and other gaming devices and peripherals.

After the success and boosting sales of Y series which by now has two gaming desktops, few accessories, and 6 laptops specially designed for portable gamers.

Also, Razer has a concept project Christine which might be produced and marketed by Lenovo in near future. Project Christine is modular PC design project in which any part can be easily upgraded by anyone without any technical knowledge and would increase the life of the PC also the PC can be kept up to date at the budget.

It is not known to us about what technologies Razer might bring to the partnership. Lenovo said in a press statement that Razer would “enhance the immersive experience for game enthusiasts.” Razer has a unique proprietary program product crafted for needs of gamers like in-game chat, gaming audio as well as a cloud service for game settings, all of which made interest of Lenovo in signing a deal.

The first of the Razer Edition Lenovo series will be showcased at CES 2016 in the month of January, with large no of new designs & products which will come from the partners in the near future.

We are really excited to see the result which would come from the partnership by knowledge of gaming experts and production and marketing of worlds best PC manufacturer.

Also, it is not clear will the razor laptops now be available in India?
Let’s wait till CES 2016 Stay tuned for more updates.

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