A New Approach to Photo Editing: Movavi Presents Photo Studio for Windows

by Hasnain AnsariDecember 31, 2015

This summer, Movavi released a new product that has sparked much interest among Video Editor fans. Photo Studio is a suite of programs that brings together three standalone yet complementary apps: Photo Editor, Photo Batch, and Slideshow Creator. Each app has its own strengths and deserves a closer look.

Photo Editor is the core module. Its main advantages over competing products are the clear interface, ease of use, and wide range of editing options. The software includes a collection of special effects: classic color schemes and designs (Sepia, Lomo, Vignette, etc.), artistic effects (e.g. Oil Painting, Acid, Pixelate), overlays (Bokeh, Stars, Sunshine, and more), and a full range of color filters. Users can also experiment with image settings to fine-tune their photos. Object and background removal functions let you get rid of unwanted elements in a photo and change the backdrop with just a couple of clicks – no expertise required. Photo Editor also provides a set of essential frame transformation tools like cropping, resizing, flipping, and rotating.

Movavi Presents Photo Studio for Windows

The second app in the suite is Photo Batch, a useful tool for working with multiple photos at one time. It includes most of the standard editing functions represented in Photo Editor, plus more flexible resizing options. In addition to setting the exact height and width of an image, you can specify a maximum size for all images, or scale them by percentage. The compression function lets you change the source format to JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF in no time. Another useful feature of Photo Batch is renaming – offering options such as numbering photos, adding time, date, or text to the filename, and replacing existing names with new ones.


The last Photo Studio module is Slideshow Creator, an app specially designed for creating slideshows from still photos and videos. You can connect the individual images with artistic transitions, add music, and enhance the image or video quality.

Download Movavi Photo Studio

Movavi Photo Studio has proved to be a good choice both for those new to photo editing and for experienced users who value simplicity and functionality. The unique combination of features described above sets this software apart from other photo editing programs on the market.

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