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Five Tricks to Save Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Five Tricks to Save Battery Life

We rely on our smartphones to organize our lives, keep track of birthdays, take photos and shoot videos and stay connected with the rest of the world. All these things take their toll on the device’s battery, which is why one of the first world problems is low smartphone battery.

Luckily for all of us, here are five smart tricks to extend your battery life and make the most out of your smartphone.


Find Out Which App Drains Your Battery

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to extend your phone’s battery life is to find out which are the apps that use the most energy. You can do this manually, by checking the phone’s battery usage settings or by downloading an app which tells you exactly this. After finding out the biggest dangers to your battery, you can close them. Make sure your phone doesn’t run unused apps in the background; two unused small apps are enough to drain the battery slowly.


No More Notifications

Notifications can make you run for the quick low charge because they make the phone vibrate, make a sound or light up, consuming a lot of energy. It might be great to know when your friends post new things on Instagram and Snapchat, but this is going to leave your battery empty in no time. Check your push notifications function and only allow the really important apps to send notifications.

Airplane Mode

A smartphone is going to look for a cellular network and try
to connect to it all the time. This drains the energy out of it, so when you want to save the battery switch to airplane mode. However, you won’t be able to make phone calls, and many of the other functions will be unavailable.

Change the Brightness Level

The brighter your screen, the more battery it will consume. If you want to extend the battery life adjust the brightness. There are also
more hacks to embrace. A colorful background or a very light one take their toll on the battery, so you can pick a dark background to save your battery. The darker, the better. Also, give up on dynamic backgrounds, which drain the battery.

Watch the Temperature

Ever noticed how your smartphone’s battery life seems to melt down on a hot summer’s day? That’s because extreme temperatures force the phone to consume more energy. When you go to the beach keep the phone under shade. Never leave it direct sunlight or in a hot place, like your car. The same is valid for below-freezing temperatures, which
drain the energy out of the phone. To preserve your battery’s life keep the phone at room temperature.

In the end, it’s up to you to choose which compromise to do to extend the battery life, but if you don’t want to give up on anything you can always invest in a quick charge power bank.

How Cloud Computing & IoT will Transform Mobile App Development in 2018

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Smartphones vary a great deal in terms of operating systems, screen sizes, and several other key attributes. Developing a mobile application that can run on multiple smartphones can be a complex high-end task. Developers need cross-platform app development engines that can help them in creating such mobile applications.

In case programmers develop an app for a particular type of device, they’ll have to build a new app every time a new device of that type is released. This means that the developers will be having more and more work on a regular basis. This is one of the most common problems faced by every leading mobile app development company. However, with a rapid surge in the use of cloud computing across the global mobile app development industry, this problem can now be solved quite comfortably.

One simple solution to this is by storing mobile apps and all their associated data on servers through mobile cloud rather than on the device itself. This way, users can access mobile apps and related data easily via the mobile cloud using their smartphones. With tools like HTML5 and MEAPs, developers can create an app based on this model.


What, Exactly, is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology powered by the Internet wherein you can share and store large data seamlessly. With cloud computing, you can share and store data, files, and information through a wide range of online resources. Information stored on the cloud can be easily accessed at any time and from just about anywhere. Cloud computing provides a great medium to share and store data in an easy to access and reliable way.

Mobile cloud computing offers a fitting solution to make life easier for both app users and the developers. It is a hybrid cloud infrastructure that offers a robust ecosystem for mobile applications. Consequently, it facilitates mobile app data processing and storage to take place outside a user’s smartphone with results displayed on the user’s device screen.

Mobile cloud computing is being used actively today by most mobile app developers to deliver a rich user experience for their apps.

Cloud computing and tools have simplified application development by a fair margin, removing the need to build separate apps for different devices, which saves both time and money. Coupled with cloud computing, HTML5 helps developers provide seamless service levels to their users.

Another striking benefit of the cloud technology is that it cuts down the cost of mobile app development since it lessens the need for testing during app development and deployment. In addition, cloud technologies have removed the hassle associated with app server management.

The server-less nature of mobile cloud computing permits improved scalability to help app developers effortlessly scale up or down wherever necessary.

Cloud technologies help in implementation and integration of data analytics and several other sophisticated technologies. Mobile cloud computing is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) which is certain to end key problems in mobile application development for end users as well as enterprises.


What, Exactly, is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things is an ecosystem in which computing devices are interconnected with everyday devices, which enables these devices to send and receive information and data. IoT is very effective for mobile application development as it makes a network of connected devices for exchanging information and data.


How Mobile Cloud and Internet of Things can Simplify Mobile Application Development

One of the major hiccups in mobile app development is the ability to develop apps that can run on different types of devices. Let’s have a look at how app developers can overcome this hurdle.


1. App Development with HTML5

Developers can leap over this hurdle by building cloud-based mobile apps with HTML5, which can ensure cross-device app development easily. HTML5 helps programmers determine what the end-user device accessing the mobile app is. It not just facilitates real-time query processing, but can also help figure out the data being sent to a smartphone using a certain specifically-defined scope.


2. App Development Using MEAPs

Though mobile applications run on mobile cloud architecture, it is essential to power the apps with support for multiple mobile devices having different attributes.

These end devices won’t just be having different features and attributes, but they’ll also be coming from different hardware manufacturers. And that’s where Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) can come handy in simplifying support for cloud-based mobile applications.

A MEAP is one of the most popular IoT tools currently being used by almost all leading mobile app development companies. It is a suite of comprehensive services and products that enable hybrid cross-device application development. With a MEAPs platform, developers can ensure that the data from the mobile cloud is delivered seamlessly and fits in well with different mobile phones having varied screen sizes.

MEAPs use a full authentication mechanism to connect mobile devices to the cloud, which comes effective in the event of a device loss.


3. Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid app development truncate the hard work that goes into developing a mobile app. In this case, developers can make the most of a mobile phone’s physical attributes.

It is a unique and robust technique that brings together a device’s native capabilities and architectural attributes for HTML5 app development. Hybrid apps are native downloadable cloud-based applications that are capable of running most of their UI within a mobile-embedded browser, which eliminates the need to write the code over and over again for different mobile OSs.  

Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps Using IoT and Cloud Computing

The cloud computing and IoT combo work wonders to ensure developed mobile apps are secure, robust and run remarkably well on multiple mobile devices. There are several other benefits of developing apps with cloud computing and IoT, such as:

  • More apps can be delivered to more number of users, the world over
  • Smartphones can access robust backend apps, given that the security of apps is maintained
  • More enterprise apps can be delivered to business users
  • Centralized cloud security can be implemented

In all, IoT and cloud computing can deliver extensive, extended capabilities for inspecting the security of mobile phones as most security applications can be effectively run on mobile cloud.

3 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Small Business Software

3 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Small Business Software to Cut Through the Competition

In this world of no-mercy, formidable business competition, there’s hardly a second of respite or to get complacent and rest on your laurels whether you’re a startup owner or a CXO of an enterprise. While trying to cut through the competition in the global business scenario, your software can make a difference.

Business having the most advanced and hybrid software programs will certainly get an edge over their competitors. Startups and SMBs are more vulnerable and susceptible to competition, as the bigger boys in the industry most likely backed up by gilt-edged technology that can teat the competition big time.   

Though it’s still, survival of the fittest, small businesses can focus on advanced software implementation to survive and surpass the competition in today’s economy, here’s how:

1. The Supply End: First Things First

For understanding how the right software can ring up your business performance in the global marketplace: let’s put first things first and start right from the start with the ‘supply chain’ of your company.

Your company’s supply chain should make up for demand and availability at levels more than one, including initial manufacturing material, operations lifecycle, sales trends, support, etc. By bolstering your operations with predictive analytics, you simplify and strengthen important supply chain processes such as sourcing of materials, optimizing shipping schedules or adding extra supply sources to meet the demand more effectively.

You’re actually asking for trouble by not addressing important business aspects such as client activities, supply chain issues, and market trends through predictive analytics.  Strong estimations make for better pricing and fulfillment, as well as faster scaling your consumers can count on.


2. Products In Motion

While the supply chain of your business may be lengthy, requiring considerable arrangements for changes, shipment, and distribution which can result in delays and other timing issues for small businesses/. Fortunately, deploying the right software tool can prove effective in reducing associated time delays.

First, in order to understand how deploying a software application can give a face-lift to your distribution process, you must understand that the distribution process is not just about moving a product. It rather consists of various aspects pertaining to inventory management and the competence to make fast changes in core business strategies on the basis of client requirements, sales pattern, etc.

Regardless of all the challenges, the distribution process doesn’t always have to be a gridlock. By deploying an ERP application for tracking the entire distribution process, managing vendors and monitoring the incoming data offers additional carryover details regarding the individual purchase, billing, order, and delivery.

The good thing is that the distribution process has enough scope of personalization, and for most small businesses, it implies that by implementing drop shipping instead of conventional methods to manufacture and order products have several benefits on offer. Drop shipping is just the ideal choice for small companies with a limited budget and no warehousing capacity.

Drop shipping has a certain speed advantage since it offers extensive business mobility. Ig you have good internet connectivity, ordering and tracking customers’ shipments becomes a whole lot easier since you have the software application always at hand, no matter where you are, particularly through an exclusive online platform.

Both the drop shipping systems and the ERPs permit enterprises to cut out the inventory tracking application, although each cut out is for different reasons.

As inventory tracking application is deployed in warehousing facilities, having no warehouse cuts out the role of a middleman in drop shipping, while most ERP applications comprise of inventory tracking as an integral component of a larger program.

The thumb rule is: the fewer moving parts your business has, the more productive your processes tend to be.


3. Go Mobile, Go Paperless

Ultimately, there are numerous small factors that tend to degrade the performance of your business operations; however, some of the most widespread reasons include lackluster paperwork and time-consuming payments or billing cycles. Fortunately, some straightforward tools are available to help you eliminate these pain points from the formulae.

Though it is almost impossible to remove paperwork completely from any business environment, given that receipts, orders, contracts, and various other forms will never disappear, there are certain ways in which you can reduce the amount of manual work associated with all those paperwork. Digitizing the papers, and moving keenly towards papers that are ‘born digital’, is a great way to shun the cumbersome paperwork associated with any business operation.

With the rise of ‘e-Signature’ tools such as DocuSign, it has become relatively easier for customers as well as businesses to accept digital documents formally. You can use any of the established eSignature tools or get a custom one developed as per your unique business need from a reputed ERP mobile app development company to ensure you stay right on top of your important business operations.

Reducing the paperwork involved in billing, along with bringing in a mobile aspect, can accelerate the process to a great extent. With Payment as a Service (also known as PaaS), small businesses can bill customers and accept payments from just about anywhere, almost similar to how drop shipping permits mobile fulfillment.

As a matter of fact, when the two work in tandem, they can truly speed up your operations big time. This way, your business is always with you, no matter where you go.

What else can an entrepreneur demand in this digital age!

Though speed is simply not everything, but when we talk about the big boys of the industry such as Amazon that runs a Prime service with ‘same-day or two-day shipping’, depending upon the customer’s location; on-demand TV service by HBO, Netflix, and Hulu; same-day pick-up or dine-in delivery through a mobile app; etc., it definitely is an instrumental factor.

Though, as of today, most super-speed delivery services are left with just the bigger names of the industry, small businesses can, too, join the race to have their share of fortune by deploying smarter and advanced software packages.

Everything You Need to Know About Registering the New UK Domain


Looking for the domain registration? With so many choices available, what suits the best among those available, becomes a tedious task.

But, with the availability of such a huge list of domains, also, the entrepreneurs are offered with the widest choice to have the memorable choice for their company under their belt and help their business towards reaching the pinnacle.

Choosing the New UK Domain to Register – Tips and Guidelines

.uk domains and related information

There is another domain .uk, the purchasing of which is not that simple as .co.uk and .org.uk domains. To register yourself a .uk domain, you need to check your purchasing rights at Nominet Rights Lookup Tool. It just checks if you have enough rights to do so, as the people who don’t own .co.uk, .org.uk and any other such .uk domains are not eligible to get .uk specific domains.

Once, you are approved by the Nominet Rights Lookup Tool, you are free to purchase the .uk alone domain, just as normal.


Should You Buy a New Domain Name?

Many people often think if domain buying will be a better idea to go with. For those, domains can serve you as an identity. They are an identity and can really set your business moods across the country.

The domains serve the purpose of providing an extra information about your business and if your business is really focused on a particular location or niche, the specific domains serve better. The domain severe to protect the identity of the business and you can cover up your business with some of the preferred domain extensions.


Which Domain Registrar to Choose?

In fact, this holds no relevance. All the registrars who are involved in the process of domains have to comply with the rules and regulations as laid down.

Thus, the choice of the domain registrar holds no such significance and you must be more focused towards making the choice of the best web hosting service rather than the domain registrar.

Towards the last, we would like you to provide with some tips and guidance on how to choose the best domain.

  1. Make sure that the chosen domain reflects the business/services, you are in. You just can’t use the irrelevant domain, which reflects something else.
  2. Try to opt for the domain which is easy to remember. Make sure, that the domain chosen comes into the mind quicker upon recalling.
  3. Try to remain short, while making the choice of the domain. The shorter, the better it is. In fact, the shorter domains are easier to remember.
  4. Consider the future, while making the choice of the domain. Ask yourself, if the chosen domain will last longer and will stand true to the test of time
  5. Opt for the most appropriate domain extension. Don’t just go, bewildered on making the choice of the domain.
  6. Prepare a list of some names, who are intended towards. Write those on paper and select your preference order for the choice.
  7. Conduct a deep research on the domain name as the domains are not bought each day. You have to be ultra sure before making the choice.


FAQs on UK domain Here, we present you some FAQs on UK domain, which will help you get instant solutions to your queries in mind:


What is .uk?

It’s a top-level domain, which is intended for all business in the UK. Since introduction in the year 2014, it works in the same way as other domains, you are familiar with.


How to Register a .uk Domain?

Getting a preferred .uk domain depends on the availability of the domain name. Go to the registrar website and use its domain search tool to find out, if it’s available or not. The rest process is same as others. All you need is to check out the payment process. You must make the choice of services; you wish to opt for like hosting etc.


How to Make a Right Choice for a Domain?

As explained in our tips, make a choice of domain, which reflects your business and with which people can correlate your business with.


What to do if Domain Name, I Wanted is Already Chosen?

You can have an alternative name as an option, otherwise, if you are adamant on getting the same domain, find out who owns the domain at the moment and get in touch with the person over the purchase of the domain. Most of the times, the domain registrar also offers the same services and will help you out.


Which Domain Extension Suits Me Best?

There are several domain extensions like .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk & .me.uk. While .uk is a new and a versatile option, .co.uk is the most established one. .org.uk is the perfect one for the charity and non-profit organization. The domain .me.uk will suit the best if you are focused on the website, which tells all about you.


What is the Benefit of a .uk Domain?

With several benefits at the offer, we would summarize it as offering a better relevance to the online presence, better preference of the UK people, while making the choice of website for their services/products and better search engine ranking.


What is the Age of My Domain Name, I Can Use For?

All .uk domains can be registered for a minimum of 1 year to the maximum of 10 years

There is no lack of domain names and extensions available for you. All you need is to be sure on what the choice is and how it’s going to benefit you. Be realistic in making the choice!

Steps to Hire the Best Web Design Agency for Your Online Business


The design of a website is a specialized area that includes a wide range of service providers such as professional web designers and web developers who may be independent or part of the small and medium-sized web design agency with members of the team of experts and opportunities to provide extended services.

Web design agency is constantly trying to overcome the needs and demands of their customers to provide affordable services; On the contrary, companies that need a web presence must be extremely cautious when choosing a specific company for web design, primarily because the service provider must instinctively recognize and deliver what the company has needed the nutritional presence on the web. Essential things like simple navigation, tricky design, and streaming, optimized SEO, etc. In addition to the website, they should be attractive, but productive enough to convert prospects into customers.

Any business that needs web presence needs to ask very relevant questions; they can be modified according to the need of time, but mainly include the following areas.


  1. The portfolio, qualifications, and experience of a web design agency should be confirmed at the outset. In general, the experienced business acquired new state of sustainability, which is a good sign of skill and perseverance of the business. It also turns into an excellent design and a reputation for outstanding customer service. This is very imperative because several startup companies have closed down, leaving the company shameful when checking for updates and sustainability. Any design agency with a good amount of experience, customer interaction and portfolio value is best to try it.
  2. Every agency must have dedicated and trained employees. The agency does not have to be a giant, but the specific skills require that employees have these codes, such as a web designer, developer, graphic designer, team leader, project manager, etc. with people able to sell and digital marketing.
  3. Anxiety to understand business knowledge and must offer an official proposal to all customers. Every professional organization that takes a long time to achieve what the company requires in terms of the current business market, increased sales and profits, future brands and many other features will obviously play an important role in the design of the business. ‘a website. An agency that plays a big role in the brand and the goals of digital marketing.
  4. The professional suggestion the agency should include practical boundaries with effective monitoring of the design approval, as amended, as well as reports on the work, and provide new targets at each step along the coordinated efforts of the other members of the team.
  5. Each web design agency that collects the full payment must be booked. Only companies that intend to make phased payments with an approved delivery should be optimistic. It may also be important to know if payment rules from the perspective of maintenance, updates, and latest releases, offering relevant content, tests and more.
  6. The confidentiality of information on websites is extremely important because the agency can access perceptual information that cannot be pirated. In addition, the term itself must be strictly confidential in order to prevent competitors and business opponents from gaining control and eliminating design innovation.
  7. If the agency has a tradition of outsourcing valuable business components to third parties, it is always good to determine which components and which companies are third parties. It is also necessary to know if they are located in other geographical locations.
  8. Most companies have a critical mistake in choosing a web agency that is listed at a lower price. A cheap quote agency is not always the one that offers the best design service. Finally, from the project, the poorly designed website can irritate the company and customers, resulting in a deplorable impression, significant loss of sales and profits, and presence on the web.

How to Fix Common Brake Problems in Car?

Common Brake Problems in Car


Imagine you are driving on a highway, about to take an exit and you tap on the brake pedal – but could not slow down. Regardless of the pressure, you apply on it, the car just doesn’t stop. You feel like you have no brakes! What are you going to do? The importance of car brakes cannot be underestimated. It is something that allows you to slow or stop the vehicle.

In most of the cars these days, when you press the pedal, you push the piston which applies pressure on brake fluid in the master cylinder, pressurizes the brake fluid. The brake fluid then flows through thin pipes to the piston at each wheel. Those pressed pistons apply further pressure to brake pads, which squeezes against the disks in order to stop the vehicle. In case you have a loss of brake fluid or the brake lines have been cut, nothing will happen even if you press the brake pedal.

Below are Some of the Brake Problems and Ways to Fix Them


  • Soft Brake Pedal: It is one of the most common braking issues. In case the pedal feels squishy and the car does not stop until you pump it to the floor, you are in a dangerous situation and should stop the vehicle without any delay. If you don’t, you may smash into something. The soft brake pedal is a result of a leak in a master cylinder. You need to give a look at the brake fluid.

The master cylinder may leak internally or externally. If the reservoir is full and you cannot find any leak, the problem may be internal. The only thing you can do here is replacing the old master cylinder with a new one. Don’t just waste your time in trying to rebuild it.


  • Pulls towards a particular side when braking: This can be annoying and dangerous too. It can be a result of several things, but most common reason behind this is frozen caliper. Over the time, the caliper may freeze gradually.

It can be frozen if the piston on the caliper being stuck in the bore. If it happens, the pressure can’t be put back to the bore, the pressure on pads will be uneven and the car will pull towards one side. To fix this issue, caliper needs to be replaced.

It can also freeze when side pins have lost its lubrication due to less maintenance. In such cases, it requires proper cleaning and lubrication.

Moreover, bad front tires or broken belts can also result in same. To overcome such trouble, you can either replace them (depending on the condition) or try rotating front tires of the rear of the vehicle.


  • The steering shakes when you press the brake: It is common in all makes and models. When you drive the car at higher speed and apply the brakes, the steering wheel shakes. This can happen as a result of the warped front rotor. To fix it, you can get them resurfaced, but one thing needs to be considered, whether the rotors are thick enough to be resurfaced or not. There is a minimum requirement for rotor thickness, which is stamped near the hub.


  • The pedal pulses up and down while applying brake: It is a result of bad rotors. Over the time, they go through heating and cooling process thousands of times, it is inevitable to lose its shape and size. If you are regular highway driver and are hard on brakes, you may probably see this problem many times in the lifespan of your automobile. You can simply fix the problem by resurfacing them if they are thick enough or get them replaced if they cannot be resurfaced.


Buy Car Brakes Parts Online in India

The importance of car brake parts cannot be ignored. Hence, to help you find high-quality spare parts, blood was incorporated. It has a huge catalogue of car brakes, and other components, where customers can compare the car light price and can buy online with a few blinking of eyes. Here more – boodmo.com.

A Quick Guide to Watermark Photos Before Publishing them Online

Guide to Watermark Photos

We are here today talking about the watermark. so, first of all, let me tell you that watermark is a simple text in a form of signature, stamp or even a logo on a photo representing your identity or your company.

We watermark images for many reasons. Whether it is about creating brand awareness or protecting your photos from getting copied online.Watermarking can definitely be a ray for you in dark.


But always keep in mind that not watermarking your images in the correct way can portray and spoil your picture negatively. Therefore, do it with proper care by keeping in mind the proper size as well as the level of transparency.

With right way of watermarking images, you should even use the right tools and software to do it.As it will make your work go with a great flow.

What are Watermarking Tools?

We’ve got a couple of tools as well as applications which will watermark all your photographs quickly and effortlessly.

Watermarking Desktop Software:

Desktop Software lets you watermark your images with your laptop or computer itself.


Watermark Software

It is a digital software which makes you watermark, protect as well as remake all your photos and videos like a pro! It even guarantees to watermark more than 300 photographs in a single minute making your bulk marking of photos much easier than before.

Additionally, you can even text watermark with varieties of effects and also gives you hidden details like EXIF.

Watermarking Apps:

As technology has developed at a great level. So we’ve even got a handy solution for you to watermark your images within your fist even if you are in hurry.

Auto Watermark Stamp

This is the handy and quick solution to watermark your photos using your smartphone. With this, you can stamp your photos easily by adding a random text, signature and as well as insert your own logo to it.

Additionally, you can even adjust the positions, transparency, and size of the watermark as per your wish and requirement.


Types of Watermarks to Use:

To make up your work much easier and comfortable, we’ve even lined up varieties of watermarks which can be used for your photos.

  • Embed with Copyright

You can place a copyright symbol on your image, but make sure that it is not compromising your image in terms of appearance as well as quality. This will not only protect your image from getting stolen but will also protect the reuse without your permission.

  • Mark up with Simple Text

A simple text on an image can easily represent your identity and make your brand go viral among everyone. So why not take the chance of decorating your image which even represents to whom it belongs.

  • Add Company Logo

you can insert a logo or an image representing the identity of the image. This will not only represent your identity for everyone but will also create your brand awareness.

  • Insert your Trademark

Your trademark not only publicizes your brand on the market but even promote your products in a professional way. Add it with Auto Stamper to make your product photography goes expanding in the market.



If you are looking to watermark your photos on a professional basis to enhance your brand than it can definitely make wonders happen for you. Use any of the above-mentioned watermarks as per your comfort.

Tips on How to Make a Living Working as a Copywriter

Copywriting Jobs Typewriter

Aren’t you tired of working in an agency on projects that do not inspire you? I am. So why don’t you start working on your own? It’s true, working as a freelancer has its disadvantages but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it anyway. If you consider yourself to be good at managing your time and working on your own terms than freelancing is the right choice for you. Even if you are not yet a copywriter, you can still give it a shot. If you are creative and talented at writing compelling advisements than this job might be the right one for you.

So, let‘s dive into it. In today’s article we are sharing 6 tips on how to break into the freelance business:

1. Start with the Basics

Are you ready to quit your job and start your freelance career?  Let’s focus on a few basics that you’ll need in order to get your business off the ground. First of all, owning a portfolio and a website is essential.  If you don’t have a website yet you can use sites like Wix or Web to create one yourself. You must own a computer or a laptop and a lot of enthusiasm. And finally, establish your ad campaign in order to get noticed.


2. Establish Your Plan of Action

Let’s get something straight, not only big business need a plan of action. As a freelancer, you must take the time to create your plan as well. In order to be successful at something, you must plan ahead. No one attained success without a well-thought-out plan of action. Having a plan will help you market yourself to the public, and more than that it will keep you on track. So, get to work! Now that you are planning on working as a freelancer you are in charge of your time.


3. Set Your Price

Buckle up, because deciding how much you’re going to charge will be a difficult decision that you will have to make. Setting a lower rate at the beginning and then increasing it over time is not a good idea. So, make sure you set your rates from the beginning. You must first decide how you will charge; it can be by the hour, by the project or both. Take your time and think about it. No one likes a freelancer who is constantly changing his rates.


4. Make Sure to Create Your Writing Samples

Having a few samples to show off your talent is important. I know it’s not such an interesting activity but you must take the time to write them down. There are times when you might experience a creativity blockage; in this case, you can always ask a writing service to help you out. Just pick your favorite subject and start writing.  The thing is that you must be passionate about what you’re doing if you want everything to turn out great. Create three mind-blowing samples, and you are good to go.


5. Create Your Freelance Contract

Being prepared is always important. In this case make sure that when your first client calls, you have your contract ready to be sent. Working without a contract is definitely not a smart move. Always start working on a project after you’ve signed a contract. A freelance contract is extremely important and is the key to a successful freelance career. It’s your only way of fighting back in case a client decides not to pay you.


6. Be Present at Networking Events

If you want to attain success in advertising or marketing you must find yourself people that need your expertise. The best place to find these people is at Networking Events. At least for a few years, you will need to search for work before people will start contacting you on their own. You must first make a name for yourself. The networking events that you plan to attend don’t have to be industry-related. In fact, the competition will be much lower which is even better.

So, be present at all the networking events that come to your town. Don’t wait for people to come to you!



As you can see, working as a freelance copywriter can be fun and satisfying. You get to meet new people and create new connections. You get the opportunity to work on projects that you like and make your own schedule. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your dream!



About the Author

Jack White is a professional writer with 5+ years of experience in the industry. He works hard and he never forgets who his friends are. They are the people who gave his help and shared life experiences with his. They are the ones who helped make his the writer he is today.

7 Best WordPress Themes For Authors, Journalists & Publishers


Writers’ life is hardly glamorous, but their website can be! If done right, a website for any business or niche conveys the brand or personality of the site-owner, so having a site for your writing-journey will be one of the first steps taken to become more accessible to your readers & successful eventually. The website can be upbeat, colorful & vibrant along with some eye-catching fonts. Being a writer, you will need a platform which is fuss-free & user-friendly as most of the writers are not technically inclined; thus WordPress themes will be your best bet! Following we have handpicked few of the options that are best suited for budding writers, journalists & published authors, one of them is certain to appeal you to launch a site if you have not already!


1. NewsToday

NewsToday WordPress Theme

NewsToday is a sleek, clean & flexible theme with classy design choices & 6 unique layouts to increase your page views. It is meant for magazine purpose & is ideal for news niche with a breaking news ticker which captures the attention of the visitors & increases user’s engagement on your site. The theme is responsive to all the devices with the different screen size & displays your content in high resolution & functions extremely fast, credits to its clean coding & super cool features.

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2. Writer

Writer is a self-explanatory theme in this list which is specially developed with writers in mind! It has a stunning design with creative features such as unique homepage design, 3 predefined posts layout, 2 headers layout, 3 blog post layout to highlight your writing; you can opt for any of these with just a click button. You can even welcome work from the interested clients & can sell your writing skills with its WooCommerce integration to manage your revenues.

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3. Tabloid

If you need a theme to launch a magazine, then this is the theme you should be opting. It features both, light & dark color scheme so that you can pick either of them depending on the vibe of the magazine. The theme is Jetpack supported to assist you with the theme’s customization, traffic, mobile content & performance tools; all in all a complete plugin package to enhance the functionality of your site.

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4. EasyNote

EasyNote WordPress Theme

With this theme, you can launch a blog to promote your writing skills while presenting in its spacious layout & design. This theme has plenty of features to select from including multiple homepage layouts, featured content slider, custom widgets & so much more. You get a great value theme with a dedicated support team to help you should you encounter any issue.

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5. BloggingBox

Another blogging theme for writers who want to run blogs! The theme is built to be super fast with clean coding & lightweight framework & includes easy editing options. It comes packed with advanced features such as AdSense integration, SEO ready features, WooCommerce support & social media sharing options to design a robust site which delivers an unparallel performance with better search engine rankings & revenues.

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6. Tribune

This theme is a dedicated news magazine theme to serve the journalists or news publisher, in general! It has a responsive framework which serves all screen sizes, a featured area on a homepage to show latest posts/news, infinite scroll to load unlimited content, Live Customizer to preview all the settings in real-time while making changes & the list of features is endless. Among other benefits, this theme is translation ready & WPML compatible to reach the global readers.

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7. Hallie


You will love this theme if you are looking for a writing-oriented theme! It puts your best content on display using its beautiful & large typography in an elegant design. The theme is fully responsive, RTL supported & translation ready to reach maximum readers. In addition, you get a full-width grid layout, fulls Hallie WordPress Themescreen featured posts slider, social media widget & so much more!

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Colocation, The Cloud And Offshoring: A Guide For Small Businesses

The Cloud Storage

The hype and hysteria surrounding the advent of cloud computing in recent years have made it impossible to ignore. Is it the future of computing or just another fad, and how does it relate to the equally impenetrable sounding concepts of collocation and offshoring?

Cloud Computing

The use of computing resources (both the hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (normally the Internet). The name derives from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software, and computation. Read about the benefits an enterprise can have by utilizing cloud services.

This means, in effect, that software and databases are stored remotely and accessed via the internet. The service providers manage the services, usually for a fee. It has been claimed that this can reduce the cost to the user by outsourcing their hardware and software maintenance and support and that software updates are quick and easy, being provided the source. Other benefits include access to your data from anywhere, using low powered devices, including some mobile telephones. Also proponents claim that the initial start up costs for a business would be lower without the need for investing in costly hardware and software; economies of scale that is.

Of course, there are drawbacks, for example, all the users’ data is stored externally on another company’s server. This raises questions of security, who else has access to this data? Other things that need to be questioned are the level of maintenance of the hardware, what happens to your data if their system fails. Negatives to bear in mind have to be security and cost.


Colocation is the act of placing multiple entities within a single location. This can mean, for example, off-site data storage in a data center. This can be important for businesses since the loss of data can be crucial for companies of any size. An unexpected loss in data can result from fires, earthquakes, floods, intentional harm, or any sort of natural disaster and store your data externally can prevent this.

In addition to data storage, Colocation does include several businesses working out of a single site. This could be an independent retail outlet working out of a shopping center, allowing for greater customer access and lowered costs through economy of scale.  Colocation would also include start-up businesses operating out of an enterprise park or similar.

The benefits of Colocation of a potential user will be security (either data or physical), the opportunities for networking and increasing business through extra foot traffic.  Drawbacks could include cost issues and longer contracts for space/service than may be practical.


Offshoring, usually confused with outsourcing, is the relocation of a business process from one country to another, usually an operational process, such as manufacturing, or support processes, such as accounting. A prime example of this has been call-centres being relocated overseas. But it can also mean manufacturing services, either full or partial or even financial and insurance requirements.

There are advantages to Offshoring in that costs are greatly reduced, increasing corporate profitability as well as providing jobs in countries with high unemployment, for example, India or China, but it means an increase in unemployment in the original country.

Drawbacks include massively extended supply-lines, increasing logistical problems, fluctuations in currency would mean costs are not stable making financial planning more difficult, but the biggest, in my view, is the Customer Service aspect.  We have all had problems with overseas based call centres and the frustrations that engenders.




All of these practices, Cloud Computing, Colocation and Offshoring have benefits and drawbacks and it can only be decided whether the process would be useful based on a strong business and cost model for each individual operation.