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How to Post Content That Readers Will Want to Re-Share

Content Marketing - Social Content Share

The process of creating content that will go viral requires a bit of luck, but there is a recipe for success that can tilt the odds in your favor. Getting the audience to share content can cause it to spread like wildfire around the internet. It’s the best form of marketing as it won’t cost you a penny, and it gives your content social proofing.

Those of you with new blogs or a small business with a limited marketing budget will have plenty to gain from improving the sharing of your content.

Not sure how to go about creating content that will easily be shared by your audience? Then here are a few of the top tips that you can implement on your next series of content ideas for higher rates of sharing:

Industry Insiders

Having access to industry insiders is no easy task, it’s usually a chance occurrence and requires you to be at the right time and in the right place. However, if there is someone that you can get news from before most other people in your niche then it’s going to be highly valuable.

Sharing this with your audience positions you as a source of news in your niche, which means they’ll be following your social media channels for the latest product launches and developments. You’ll even find other industry leaders linking to your news and sharing your content with their followers.


Post Content at the Right Time

A certain type of content that doesn’t go out of date and can be posted at any time of the day or week. For example, how to articles, posts answering questions and so on. However, a lot of the content you post might be more effective at certain periods of time, which means the timing of content will be paramount to your success.

It’s better to post content when the work day has finished since during working hours the audience might not have the means to really engage with the content. Furthermore, you can review your own track history of when the audience typically provides the highest volume of shares. Looking at such data might seem like a daunting task, but it can give you insight into when you’ll have the most bang for your buck in terms of releasing content. Different industries have different demographics and they aren’t all active at the same time.


Make it Easy for People to Share

If you’re posting an article on your website then use plugins to ensure that plenty of social media buttons are placed in easy to find areas. Making it as easy as possible for people to share increases the chances that they actually will. It can be a bit cumbersome having to load up a social media profile and share an article when compared to having the process automated right there alongside the article via the click of a single button.

Nowadays there are a number of plugins that can integrate social media buttons alongside content. No coding is required, and you have a high degree of flexible regarding the size of the buttons and their placement.


Encourage Users to Share

There are a number of ways that you can encourage users to share content. Asking for the shares if done correctly will not come across as spam, and will get you a higher number of shares. This is especially true if your content provides real value that helps the audience. It works both ways: if you demonstrate a willingness to help the audience then they won’t hesitate to share content with their social media circle.

Similar to how a call to action works, you can briefly add a sentence or two at the end of content or a video to remind users that they can share content they enjoyed. Another means of encouragement could be to propose a milestone number of shares, after which you’ll provide something back to the community such as a coupon or free trial to a product.


Create Industry Leading Content

Regardless of what you do, if the content isn’t of an industry leading standard than trying to get a high number of shares will prove to be a fruitless task. You have to provide something of real substance that has entertainment value, educates or motivates the audience. Quality over quantity is key, and if you have no idea how such content can be created then look at what the competition is doing.

In any given niche there are plenty of others who are already trying to take advantage of content marketing. By spying on the top competitors you can see what can potentially work for you.

Another way of getting content would be to hire a writing service with experience in creating content that receives a lot of shares.



The ideas above will improve the number of shares each piece of content receives, but make sure the content itself is of a high quality. Getting readers to share content is great for marketing and getting the seal of approval from your audience as a whole.

Companies with highly shared content create a buzz in their marketplace leading to plenty of sales and an advantage over the competition. The strategies to improve sharing don’t require much in terms of resources as they only need a slight change in strategy. Take the tips given here seriously and your audience will grow at a faster pace than ever before.

Download and Install Colt OS ROM in Yu Yureka Black (Android 7.1.2 Nougat Based)

Colt OS Custom ROM For Android Devices

Download and Install Colt OS Custom ROM in Yu Yureka Black (Yu5040 – Garlic) (Android 7.1.2 Nougat Based ROM)


Official COLT OS

Android 7.1.2 Nougat – Official – Beta – Garlic – -VoLTE – OTA

ColtOS Project is presented by a team of learners and it is crafted from lineage Source with optimal but all the necessary customisations. We have cherry-picked the features from many other roms/projects and we are very thankful to them!! The OS is still in beta phase and growing like a vine. 





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Theme: Lone4subs



Installation Instructions

Note: Make sure to take a backup of important files, photos, contacts etc. as installing a custom ROM resets your phone and we are not responsible for any data loss or damage to your system.

Step 1: Make sure your phone is charged and all your data is backed up.

Step 2: Download the latest version of ROM and Gapps from the Download Section below and place both the files in your SD Card or Internal Storage.

Step 3: Now boot into the Recovery mode, We recommend using the Latest TWP Recovery. If you haven’t installed the TWRP Recovery then follow this guide to do so.

Step 4: Next in TWRP Recovery do a System Wipe along with Data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache.

Step 5: Now Select the latest version of the ROM file and flash it after that flash the Gapps file.

Step 6: Wait for the installation to complete after that reboot your device to boot into the freshly installed ROM.

Note: The ROM is not Pre-Rooted, Flash Magisk if you want Root Access.








  • Lineage OS Team
  • @Rakesh Batra
  • @Team Colt
  • Meet Gohil, Sourabh Hooda, Nikhil Verma, Anupam D Morgan, Athul, RogerT, Debojit, Shubhoji, Nimit, Anish, Adarsh, Ashroo


If you have any queries or suggestions then don’t forget to leave them in the comments below.

Download Official ViperOS Stable ROM For Yu Yureka Black (Garlic – Yu5040)


Download Official Android 7.1.2 Nougat Based ViperOS ROM for Yu Yureka Black (Yu5040 – Garlic)


Official ViperOS ROM

Android 7.1.2 Nougat – Official – Stable – Garlic – OTA

Feel the venom in your vein

Viper OS Custom Android 7.1.2 Nougat ROM




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ROM Features

  • Status bar Customization
  • Customizable Icons
  • Enable or Disable Quick Pull Down or Smart Pull Down for Status Bar
  • Option to Show or Hide Notification count
  • Left, Right and Centered Clock Positions
  • Show Seconds in clock
  • Custom Date design
  • Customize Quick Settings
  • Add or Remove Brightness slider with Brightness icon
  • Tile tap customization
  • Header customization
  • Power menu customization
  • Many More





Installation Instructions

Note: Make sure to take a backup of important files, photos, contacts etc. as installing a custom ROM resets your phone and we are not responsible for any data loss or damage to your system.

Step 1: Make sure your phone is charged and all your data is backed up.

Step 2: Download the latest version of ROM and Gapps from the Download Section below and place both the files in your SD Card or Internal Storage.

Step 3: Now boot into the Recovery mode, We recommend using the TWP Recovery. If you haven’t installed the TWRP Recovery then follow this guide to do so.

Step 4: Next in TWRP Recovery do a System Wipe along with Data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache.

Step 5: Now Select the latest version of the ROM file and flash it after that flash the Gapps file.

Step 6: Wait for the installation to complete after that reboot your device to boot into the freshly installed ROM.

Note: The ROM Pre-Rooted, Enable Root from Developer Options.









If you have any queries or suggestions then don’t forget to leave them in the comments below.

AOSPA Paranoid Android ROM For Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Indian Varient)

Android 7.1 Nougat Rom for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Stable AOSPA Paranoid Android Custom ROM For Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Mido)


AOSPA Paranoid Android

Android Nougat Based Stable Rom for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – Stable


Paranoid Android For Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


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Installation Instructions


WARNING: This procedure will factory reset your device! Accounts, applications, settings, contacts, etc will be lost, so make sure to backup them before going further!

Step 1: First make sure that you have flashed TWRP Recovery.

Step 2: Download the file Rom zip file from the download section below to and place it on your phone.

Step 3: Next Download the file OpenGApps for ARM64  to your phone from the links below.

Step 4: Now reboot your device into Recovery mode by holding Power button with Volume Up + Volume Down button simultaneously.

Step 5: In Recovery mode first format user data, cache and Dalvik cache and do a factory reset.

Step 6: After that choose to Install and install the ROM and the GApps zip files.

Step 7: After the process completes reboot your device.


That’s it, first boot will take time after that choose your language and complete the setup process.







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Share your experience with this ROM in the comment section below


10 Proven Tips and Powerful Ways For Ultimate Business Blogging


In today’s era of continuing advancement of modern technology, everyone makes the most out of it. Most people aim to contribute to the further betterment of each citizen’s life in the community.

Every individual has their queries and is in search of answers to almost any kind of questions. With the convenience, comfort, and less effort in solving any concerns which the internet offers and people enjoy, online communities were established and continue to grow until today.

As to where most people are, there the business world also exists. In the harsh environment for business people, competitions are a problem, and it is necessary to harness every marketing system available other than printing flyers. It will help to lure in potential buyers and prevents them from looking back towards other companies.

It is true that business ownership is a tough task already, how much more managing and continuing its competence along the way? Here are the top 10 most effective ways to entice customers with the use of your business blog.

SEO-friendly Blog Title

Every person starts the research for the subject and everything under the sun through various links given by the search engine results. Make sure to use compelling keywords and powerful headlines that will make the business blog SEO-friendly.

Make it a goal to make the blog be seen first by the public. This way, it will be easier to convince them to visit the business blog and eventually convert them to regular customers.

Welcome Redirect

An aggressive approach that will help you gain attention from your readers is through giving an instant welcome. It is wise to redirect your customers to the main web page of the blog. You may not be willing enough to wait patiently for your lead magnet to get noticed and are satisfied with your offer; then you should try this approach.

Tempting Offers

Aside from providing quality content on your business blog, it is also good to provide extra data and useful information. These type of customer benefits will help promote your product in exchange for their free reviews of your business blog. Also, filling in short forms with their information is a great move.  There are a lot of ways to make a deal with your customers that they can’t ignore.

Interaction With Users

Almost every person loves engaging in fun and entertainment. It is your primary goal to keep your target audience interested in the things the business has to offer as well as to cater both their needs and wants.

You can give blog quizzes, short surveys, or quick trivia about the business and things that can also be useful for them and make a flyer to announce them. It is great that your company rides the wave of the future and the particular place to successfully entertain your customers through gamification factors.

Provide Quick Summaries

According to some research, at least 40% of people become lazier enough not to read any books after they graduate from college. It gives enough information to use a brief report of significant findings that will also offer a link to full version download of the said findings.

Through this, you can create a good lead magnet for the business blog readers and eventually make them regular customers.

Compile Similar Blog Posts

The business blog should contain different sorts of blog posts that tackle almost the same niche. In that case, it is great for you to create an eBook or a compilation of the blog posts in the right order and arrangements of the article structure. In this way, your customers will acknowledge all efforts in making different collections of blog content with similar subjects.

Welcome Guest Bloggers

You might be seeking for more quality content, but you only have a limited amount of time just to write one. If that’s the case,  invite guest bloggers to visit your business blog site.

Guest bloggers can give new insights and fresh ideas that will entice more customers. You can invite guest bloggers who can help create quality content and will likely give a fresh look to your blog site.

Listen To Your Audience

Do not forget that the most important factor that will boost the overall productivity of your business blogging is through target audience. Without your readers, your blog site is futile. Know the needs of your users, what they want to see in your blog site, and listen to their possible feedbacks and suggestions.

Communication skill is an important factor to bring in customers. As much as you treat the technical features of your business blogs to be the critical aspects, social skills should be the top priority.

Promotional Goods

It is undeniable that online marketing is the latest trend in promoting business products and services today. However, offline marketing or also known as traditional marketing is not as obsolete as you think.

You can also search ideas online for more freebies that you can provide to your consumers.


The overall idea of a successful business blogging is to produce high-quality content that will give the readers what they want or need. Think of the articles as the goods of the company.

Provide new analysis and data for customers to download. Also, write high-quality blogs to help you achieve the goal of ultimate business blogging.

Ulysses – The Best iOS and macOS App for Content Writers & Bloggers

Best Writing App for iPhone

Ulysses is a Markdown text editor and can be used for large and small projects. From blog posts to novels, it is suitable for writing anything. Ulysses is also the kind of app we need for iOS. It is expensive as $25 but provides almost the same functionality as the desktop version. In other words, it is a full-fledged application for full-fledged work with a clear business model. Of course, everything is synchronized between different platforms of the application.

Ulysses App for iOS and Mac


Ulysses supports native WordPress publishing. Now, in addition to Medium, you can exportany post to a WordPress blog. There are many options for WordPress experts. You can choose to publish now, schedule a post for later or upload it as a draft in WordPress. You can tweak the categories, tags and URL slug. You can even set an excerpt and featured image from Ulysses. Finally, you can choose between exporting in Markdown and HTML, as WordPress supports both.

Ulysses is a sophisticated iOS application that allows you to create and manage documents and export them to various formats. A person who writes things every day is a versatile app of excellent design worth trying. These features aren’t just available on macOS. They’re also all available in the iOS app.

The company announced to cancel the lump sum purchase option. If you want to use Ulysses, from now on, you can download the application for iOS and macOS and start a free 14 day trial. After that, if you continue to use it you have to pay $4.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year. For users who used Ulysses so far, you can get a $10 discount on annual subscriptions. For students, a special subscription of $11.99 for 6 months is available.

15 Steps to Build a Winning Personal Development Strategy

Winning Personal Development Strategy

In order to succeed, you should have some dependable and effective plan or strategy. Personal development is utterly important. If you don’t develop yourself, you will remain in the period of stagnancy forever. Accordingly, you should promote yourself, advance your own working, as well as personal skills.


It is especially important when it comes to some business activity. If you wish to start or are already running your own business, you will definitely require a proper strategy for the personal development in order to enjoy success.

Perhaps, it is needed to begin with your personal growth. You should clearly realize your self-esteem and abilities. You will need a firm image of yourself, which would inspire and encourage you. Maintain your integrity, access your actual needs and compare them with your possibilities. Try to turn each day into some kind of a masterpiece and thrive in order to survive.

Afterward, you should make up a decent plan for your personal development. Mind that there are multiple ways and methods to achieve success in business, as well as in other spheres of life. Some claim that they can reach their objectives in 5 steps. For instance, some stick to such strategy:

  • Developmental objectives;
  • Implementation of triggers for the working process;
  • Acting in time and in accordance with a dependable plan;
  • Following the main purpose;
  • Practicing with the maximal effect.

This strategy may serve your purposes. Nevertheless, there may be many aspects that may not be obvious. You will need some clearer explanation. Probably, you would like another personal development strategy with broader explanations, which includes 15 crucial points.

These are as follows:

  1. Place your personal development in the 1st
  2. Give more heed to the things that develop you as a person and then, as a manager.
  3. Set a clear objective. Only after you have the goal, you may seek all possibilities to sustain your investment.
  4. Evaluate yourself. You should clearly realize what you are capable of prior to starting any business.
  5. Choose the way you wish to develop. You should determine the efficacious and reliable methods of how to promote your own business and develop yourself.
  6. Concentrate on your strong sides. It would be better to spend more time on the improvement of your best qualities. Don’t try to work out your weakest sides for too long. Do what you’re good at.
  7. Define specific strengths. Try to find new approaches to reach the required results.
  8. Use some common aspects. You may likewise use pretty ordinary methods that are effective in your everyday life. Make sure they suit your requirements.
  9. Find inspiration. You should have or undertake some things that inspire and encourage you to go on.
  10. Turn everything into a masterpiece. If you are doing some things, don’t stop after you reach a definite result. There is always some room for improvement. Try to achieve the maximal profit from all you undertake or use.
  11. Praise yourself. You should be fair and honest with yourself. Take pride in your achievements if you deserve it.
  12. Make extra efforts. Don’t stop and try to advance your skills and working methods. Find something extraordinary in pretty common things.
  13. Never stop learning. There is always something new to learn. Life changes and you should be able to catch up with it. Try some new things. Within some time, they may provide you with additional opportunities.
  14. Find motivation. You should be enthusiastic about what you are doing. You ought to be motivated to reach success.
  15. Undertake the things you love and enjoy.


Try to remember these key points, which may provide you with the desired results. Nonetheless, you should always remember that this matter is individual. You may use the suggested strategy or find some other. Everything depends on a particular case. Study your main aspects, define your goals and choose that very strategy, which would fully reflect your purpose. Possibly, you will need a combination of several strategies. At any rate, you should thoroughly study the matter and carefully pick up the most effective and suitable variant.

5 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Download Today


The world of blogging is vast and can be tough at times. There is no wonder why bloggers – especially those who are just starting out – are overwhelmed by the number of choices they are afforded to make. As of this writing, WordPress has over 51,000 plugins in its database. Let us help you download some essential WordPress Plugins to get you started.


Image Credit: Pexels

We present this article today in hopes that it helps bloggers to set up their accounts as early as now. Downloading these essentials WordPress plugins today allows bloggers – both newbies and veterans – to focus on the biggest and most important part of blogging, which is producing quality content.

Here are some of the best and essential WordPress plugins every blog should have no matter the niche or target audience.


  1. Akismet

Your blog is bound to get popular as time goes by. Your high-quality content will attract visitors from all over the world. But, “with great power comes great responsibility,” you will also charm those pesky spam commenters that flood your dashboard and email.

If you do not wish to wake up to 100 spam comments in the morning, download Akismet today. You’ll find it easier to sleep at night knowing someone (or something) is guarding your blog against these irritating spam comments.

Developer: Automattic
Price: Free


  1. Contact Form 7

Admit it, not every blogger out there is a coding wizard who can whip CSS and HTML codes out of thin air. That’s why, if you’re looking for a way for your readers (and fans, of course) to reach you without the need of a Master’s degree in coding, then Contact Form 7 is for you.

It is straightforward, simple, and easy to use. You can even place the ‘Contact Me’ form in any page or post you like and customize it any way you wish without losing your sanity.

Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7
Developer: Takayuki Miyoshi
Price: Free


  1. WordFence Security

Arming your blog site with a 26-character password won’t keep those persistent hackers from eventually breaking in.

It is for this reason that WordFence Security was built and made available for bloggers. WordFence Security comes with various security measures to block nasty networks from getting in, scan for site vulnerabilities, and even block specific IP addresses.

Imagine a security personnel that protects your blog 24 hours a day and seven days a week. That’s what it does, and more. And this is why most bloggers use it.

Wordfence Security
Wordfence Security
Developer: Wordfence
Price: Free



  1. Simple Social Share

Nowadays people share things from the Internet and go viral in no time. If you are aiming for visibility, you should provide an easy way for your readers to share your content without having to leave your blog.

Simple Social Share allows visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media networks with just one tap, or click. Download this plugin today and wait for your posts to go viral and watch your blog’s traffic to skyrocket.

Simple Social Share
Simple Social Share
Price: Free



  1. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Managing your blog can get a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to hurt your brains.

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin that lets you access your blog’s insights and traffic, optimize image files that eat up your bandwidth, and fight spam comments and logins, and much more.

There are over three million bloggers who are using this plugin right now. There is no wonder how it has helped many newbie and veteran bloggers manage their sites with no sweat.

Jetpack by WordPress.com
Jetpack by WordPress.com
Developer: Automattic
Price: Free


Over to you

Here are some of the essential WordPress plugins anyone who has a blog should download today. Do you have any other plugins in mind that deserve to be on the list? Let us know in the comments section!

5 Basic Tips for Buying a High Definition Television (HDTV)

Tips for Buying a HDTV

Buying a new high definition television (HDTV) can be a daunting task. After all, the technology is relatively new, and with so many different types and models, how are you supposed to know which is the best value?  The goal of this site is to provide you with a quick but effective overview of HDTV’s so that you can make the best decision possible in your purchase.


Generally speaking, there are 5 basic aspects that you need to pay attention to in order to buy the best possible HDTV within your price range. These aspects are contrast ratio, the angle of view, clarity, motion resolution, and the manufacturer reputation and warranty policy.


    1. Contrast ratio

The first thing to look for when buying an HDTV is the contrast ratio of the various models offered in your price range. Technically speaking, the measure of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color (black) that the system is capable of producing.  While this may sound complicated, the concept is easy enough to understand and look for.  In simple terms, it is the ability for a television to show dark blacks and bright whites.  When buying an HDTV, you will want to look closely at the blacks that the various models in your price range can make.  You will want to choose the model where the blacks do not appear to be glowing or have do not have a bluish hue.


  1. Angle of View

The second aspect you will want to pay attention to is the angle of view on the various televisions models in your price range.  The angle of view refers to the angle from side-to-side that you can see a picture on a television.  Some television models will show the picture clearer when viewed from the sides than others.  The further away from the center of a television you are while still being able to see a clear picture, the better.


  1. Static Clarity

Showing a clear picture is what high definition is all about.  Yet, people often ignore actually testing the clarity of the picture when buying a television and instead rely on the fact that the advertised resolutions of the television mean that it will be clear enough.  Even though many television models will have the same resolution, there is a great amount of variety between the clarity of the picture on different televisions.  When buying an HDTV, you will want to make sure that the television can display relatively still images with great detail.  The best way to do this is to pay attention to fine details in a picture, such as hair or pinstripes, and note their clarity.  If you can’t see individual strands of hair or if pinstripes kind of run together, you will want to find a television where you can.


  1. Motion Clarity

While showing relatively still pictures clearly is important, being able to show objects in motion is very important as well.  This is especially true for fast-paced programming such as sports or when playing video games.  Sometimes, a high definition television will have trouble showing objects in motion clearly.  For example, instead of showing someone running clearly or a ball being passed smoothly, there will be some blurriness, known as “motion blur.”  This can become very distracting and irritating.  When you are comparing various HDTV models, be sure to watch fast-paced programming on each.  Choose the model that can handle the motion the best.



  1. Manufacturers Reputation / Warranty Policy

With all of the different HDTV manufacturers out there, it is difficult to know how much you should trust the products they produce.  Is it a good idea to play it safe with a well-known but more expensive brand such as Samsung or Sony, or is it better to save money and go with the seemingly comparable but lesser known value-brand?  While it is easier to trust the better-known brands, buying them is not always worth the extra cost.  By getting a little background information on the brands that you are considering, you will be able to better understand whether or not their products are trustworthy.  Most importantly, become familiar with the warranty policy offered by each.  If a company is willing to offer one or two years of in-house repair on their products, it’s a lot less risky than going blindly on a lesser-known brand that doesn’t offer a very good warranty.  I will say that I have been extremely impressed with the lesser-known brands in my experience and would choose them over the better-known brands most of the time if the costs are too different.

With these helpful tips, you should be able to buy the best HDTV for your money!


Author Bio: Katie Smith is the enthusiastic woman. She loves writing about technology and lifestyle on Reviewmoon.

5 Reasons Why It’s Best To Invest in Social Media Right Now


In the generation of millennials, almost everyone right now engages with social media on a daily basis for various reasons. May it be work-related, memorable events or just mundane updates about daily routines like the foods you eat or the notorious ‘ootd’ (outfit of the day).

The gravity of social media platforms and their contents have indeed defied many sectors in the society, more particularly in the area of business. Global and local markets right now are adapting to the current trend through using social media, blogger outreach campaign, and content marketing to stay relevant in the business field and to promote enterprises.

Most of the customers right now abode on social media. However, if they’re not, eventually, they will be. So, it’s only plausible that business owners and entrepreneurs utilize social media to their advantage to generate sales, brand awareness and increase marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

Here are the top reasons why it’s about time that you invest in social media and content marketing for your business.

Social Media Is the New ‘Word of Mouth’

The usage of social media is not slowing down. It is in fact, accelerating as a tool and discovery hub for products and services that people want to buy.

So, what does it mean for you? Well, this means that more and more customers are going to start looking on social media for products and services that they can purchase and perhaps, a boost to your profile ranking on social channels.


It could eventually bring potential clients who are searching for a particular product via social media like Facebook and search for businesses that are “Liked” and “Shared” by their friends or evaluating a company’s portfolio on Instagram before deciding to purchase or hire.

Social Media platforms Increases Brand Loyalty

The most efficient way to build a relationship with your clients is to engage with them on social media platforms.

Take your cue on different blogger outreach platform as an example. A successful SEO company uses high-quality content marketing to promote their services and make them visible to readers. Now, what do you think is the best way to share the contents online? You’re right, social media!

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for generating exposures for your contents, which in turn, increases the number of links from other websites.

Social Media Helps Other Parts Of Your Marketing Strategy

One distinct advantage of using social media is boosting the noticeability of your contents in the digital world.

The combination of organic and paid postings can integrate various areas of online marketing into one component. For instance, you can place a link or a blog post on Facebook or on other social media platforms which a fan can easily read.

Your Competitors Are Using Social Media

You know there’s an old rule in marketing strategy that veterans in business always abide, which is “Go where the action is happening!”

It means that when you choose a particular niche or location for your business, it’s feasible to do it in the area where you can bring a fight with your competitors face to face.

This concept also applies to social media marketing since there’s a good chance that your competitors are using social media to achieve their objectives.

Consumers Want You On Social Media

Most consumers view companies as timely and relevant if they are using social media. A business that updates its Facebook page on a daily basis is one that is still in business, compared to those who are not updating their pages for months. It will only lead to confusions among customers since they will wonder what happened to their business.


Although, the things above do not necessarily mean that you have to bombard the clients with daily feeds every day, imagine what it can do to your business if you’ll be able to communicate with your customers on a platform that they’re comfortable using every day. The important thing is, you know what to do and what to expect if ever you’ll invest into social media and content marketing for your business.


As a marketer and business owner, what other critical reason could you site why investing in social media channels is a must nowadays?

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