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How an Online Rental Software Can Bring Changes in Your Business?


The thing about time is that it does not wait for anyone. This is the reason why it is regarded as so special in the first place. There are some of us who like cars and use them in order to see what job they are doing. Then there are others who take things up by several notches and as a result of they establish their own car rental businesses. However, taking into account the present condition of the economy in the United States of America (USA) it is much easier said than done. This is where car rental software open source can come in and play such a major role.

However, this does not mean it is at all impossible. If you work hard enough you can always get what you want – the right amount of effort needs to be made in order to make sure that one is able to achieve its one goal. The same is applicable to the car rental business as well. This is especially true when it comes to finding the right software needed to operate it in a correct way. The best online car rental software is needed in order to make sure that you achieve success with your car rental business.


Facts About a Rental Software

The car rental software is always the main place where the business would be taking place. The best thing about such software is that it does not cost as much. With the help of such a system, a customer is able to opt for a car and then make the payment as well. Such software could essentially be the one factor that could decide whether you are successful or a failure with your car rental business.

In fact, such software has been there for some time, to be honest, but now it has become so much more sophisticated. This is especially true when it comes to helping the people who use them. There are several things that such software can take care of – inventory, prices, status, and availability of the cars.


Know about Best Vehicle Rental Software

In case you are running a business where you are giving cars to rent then it is essential that you have a system that allows you to manage these vehicles as well. After all, there are so many things to be taken care of such as their availability. All the things need to be done and that too in the proper order. It is only when every little thing is in order that will you be able to provide all the information on a car. This is where car hire software online can be such an important factor to your clients. It is not always possible to record and maintain such huge amount of information on paper.

After all, you need to note down things such as details related to the car’s mileage, availability of drivers, and availability of cars. It is really hard to maintain all this data in a register or a notebook as such. The major problem with such entries is that they do take a significant amount of time and once done you cannot overwrite them. Getting a new entry to correct the older ones is quite tough as well. This is why you need auto rental software to such an extent.

The beauty of such software is that it allows you to manage all this information and that too in a precise way. It also helps that it is quite easy to use software such as this and as such you are able to finish a huge amount of work in a day. All that you need to do is find the car rental software that is going to be the correct one based on your needs. Now you need to know how to select the best car rental software. Ideally, it should be something that adds value to your business.


Get the Best for Your Business

Of all the businesses in the world, the one of car rental happens to be one of the trickiest and most competitive as well. As an operator of these services, there are occasions when you may need to take a risk or two. There are also some strategic decisions that need to be taken in order to make sure that you perform better than your competitors. One of the major decisions that you can take in this regard is to accept cash and debit cards from your customers. You can also use the auto rental software in order to manage your business better than what you have been doing all the while.

In case you are planning that you would rent out your car with cash or debit card then there are a few things that you need to take care of. Most of the companies that offer these services normally do not accept debit cards from their clients. All you need to have is a safe and sound method to make this system of paying through debit card work. Then you can be sure that you would be able to win over the customers who use debit cards. The best vehicle rental software will only make your work a lot easier as well.

If you are accepting debit cards as payment for renting out your cars you should also be mindful of asking for some security as such. The major reason for such a statement is the fact that with a debit card you are taking a significant amount of risk. A security deposit would go a long way in bringing down that level of risk. In fact, in cases such as these, you should be asking for such deposit in advance. A good auto hire software online system would help you establish firm control over your business.

How to Embellish On-Demand Service App like Uber, Lyft & Getaround


Below article will serve as a guide to the app development process of Uber-like, technologies to be used in the two front-end parts (for drivers & passengers); highlighting key features which would enhance user experience and an approximate budget need to develop App like Uber.

In this fast-paced and tech-savvy world, human lives are connected to numerous devices and are continuously searching the medium that can assist them in performing their task in an instant due to extreme paucity of time. Instant gratification is not merely a concept nowadays, but it’s a new form of life.

Amongst all issues, swift mobility in the urban cities is a need of an hour although if one owns a private vehicle still seeks the peace of mind and prefer to commute through cab to get rid of the traffic problems in peak hours. With the growing urban growth rate, the necessity for reliable mobility services has become critical.

There is a huge gap in supply and demand of public transport with decreased resources and increased commuters, and here the vacuum of tech-based services like smart apps are in need as the growth of Smartphone use and mobile Internet has enhanced access among city dwellers.

The exponential rise of Uber/Lyft & Ola like Taxi Booking App services are transmitting a positive signal of mobility revolution. As the saying goes “It is not the destination that matters, but the journey too, what can be more satisfactory than assisting people to reach their destination on time!

Anyone who is associated with a taxi business or any similar on-demand businesses would already know how difficult it is to develop your business without an online app. It won’t be wrong on our part if we say that an Uber/Ola-like taxi app is no less than an elixir to stay alive in the era of cut-throat competition.

Having said that, let us see what these on-demand apps include and which technologies are the best suitable to get started with:

  • Passenger App: For the commuter who books a Taxi.
  • Driver App: For the Driver who gets the order & takes you to your destination.

Passenger App Features

User Profile/Login page: Offering social media integration for registering or Email or Mobile Number should also be taken into consideration.

Booking interface: A welcome screen to input the travel data for ordering a cab or to book one for later.

Select Car Type: An option for the selection of the car Type like Sedan, SUV… as well as A.C. / Non-A.C. should be provided to the commuter depends on the requirement of founders.

Fare calculator: To maintain the sense of transparency, estimated trip cost should be
calculated before placing an order.

Rating and reviews: Your app must have a rating and review feature on the driver, the trip, and the vehicle for the customer to give honest feedback about your services.

Pickup Location: Leverage, the power of GPS tracking and Google, maps to find your exact location on the map so that the cab drivers will trace you and arrive at the exact spot where you are present.

Payment Integration: Having a fully compliant in-app integrated payment systems assist the passengers in making the process of payment seamless and convenient. Braintree, Stripe OR PayPal Mobile SDK are Best options for payment.

When accepting card payments, there are certain requirements that companies must comply with it, which are often referred to as PCI requirements in the US.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) uphold all process, warehouse, or transmit credit card material on the secured location.

Push notifications: To keep the user updated such as car make, model, color, the number on the plate and estimated time of arrival.

Live Tracking: Once the ride is booked, the user can update the cab alive on their apps, such as the start time and location, arrival time and location.

Ride History: Details of the previous trips and receipts, also allowing to re-booking the same ride in one click (e.g., work-to-home commute).

Payment: If you plan to launch the app in US/Canada or Europe then go with Stripe (www.stripe.com) Payment Gateway. For countries like India PayUMoney suits as best among others.

Additional Features for Passengers

(To be taken into consideration)

Split the bill: This feature is for sharing the ride costs with friends.

Seeking favorite driver: Some commuters may want to hire their regular or mostly liked driver.

Waitlist: During rush hours, customers can add themselves on a waiting list rather than refreshing the app over and over again in search of a ride.

Free in-app calls: It can be added via VoIP integration, though that may increase the overall taxi app development price.

Note: There are many other features can be incorporated based on the client’s requirement.

Driver App Features

Some of the driver app features will duplicate the passenger’s features, but there are unique features too.

Driver profile: Drivers should be required to provide details like his license number, vehicle registration number, contact details, etc.

Navigation: Navigation suggests the short and the fastest route to the passenger and onwards.

Booking: Driver has 15 seconds for a new booking request to decide whether it should approve or disapprove. Therefore, the app provides data like distance from present location to PICKUP point along with the and also expected distance between the point of pickup and drop to make an informed decision.

Status: Admin, as well as the driver, receive real-time updates on the passenger status after accepting or rejecting the booking, reaching the pickup point, and released the passenger.

Note: We include some extra features based on your requirements.


Additional Features

Analytics Kit: To expand transparency and to advance your commerce steadily you need few analytical tools which are beneficial a lot. Meticulous reports must be generated that can let you know the performance of the drivers and also track the orders, missed orders, assigned orders and also the booking sources.

Communication Channel: In-App notifications and push notifications to send important information or change in policies or various deals and offers from your company to the customers.

Booking History: Your app must allow passengers and drivers to see the history of bookings done and received respectively. Customers often need to keep track of the various journeys they have undertaken, and the drivers can also use this feature to maintain a track of journeys as reference information that makes the business quite transparent.

Workforce reduction: From having a fleet of cabs and cab drivers, you can transform your taxi business as drivers can subscribe to your company’s services and you have a fleet of cabs without directly owning them. It will eliminate your maintenance costs and reduce your operational costs too and also reduce your liabilities significantly.

Quick marketing: You can advertise various discounts, offers, and schemes that your traditional business offer to the user and he/she should receive all offers, discounts, and schemes on the app itself. A traditional taxi business can leverage the digital platform and promote one’s services efficiently.


General and Technological Requirement of an app like Uber

If you want to cut down the cost and need to create a simple taxi app like Uber, you’ll have to choose just one platform and that even depends on the region of your functionality.

When you are going to launch the taxi booking application in the US or Canada, our advice is to go to rely on iOS platform. It is because most people are using Apple gadgets in the USA and adjoining regions. However, when you are targeting European & Asian continents, then the majority of the app users are Android-based. In the case of iOS platform, your target is Apple App Store while for Android, it is Google Play Store.

Introduced by Google in 2007, Android was the most popular Smartphone operating system in the world.as per the estimations in 2009, nearly 6.8 million Android Smartphone devices sold. Similarly, in 2015, the figure went up to 1.16 billion. Thus, today Android has a lion share with 85 percent of all Smartphone sales across the globe.

Being a Mobile Application Architect at Perception System, I would like to share my experiences along with some useful recommendations on the selection of Android app development technology stack.

Backend Web Development: A great app will require more than one backend languages to take care of business logic and delivering value. It is better to design the backend in Node.JS that takes care of all API endpoints & Go/Python/Java can be used to handle the heavy duty background jobs. Such as scheduling the rides, sending batch payment to drivers over a scheduled period.

Mobile Front-End: There are a variety of choices to design a mobile app that depends on performance, merits, and demerits of Technology and Project Requirement. On-demand apps can have a mobile architecture on following platforms:

  • A Native iOS app development should in Swift 4
  • A Native Android app development should in Android SDK
  • And if you want cross platform then go with React-Native for iOS and Android or Xamarin.

Databases: You can select one of the standard relational database or NoSQL depends on Architect designer. MYSQL or PostgreSQL or Mongo DB

Web Server: Nginx, Node

  • Server Infrastructure: Enable the heavy duty Instances on Google Cloud.

Other Services Needed

  • Google Maps or Here Maps: The choice depends on application designer and founders. Some map APIs have good scenery that leads the designer to display eye-catching map interface.
  • Google Location Services: This API should be used to pin down the user’s location.
  • Socket.io to beep up cars movement.
  • Google Maps Android API should be used to build routes, directions, and navigation.
  • Twilio.com can be used for sending text messages to user’s devices.
  • Data Analysis with Mixpanel.com
  • Optimal Database Structures

Note: Efficient & Scalable Architecture should be designed for backend before creating the mobile app.

  • API (Web Services): The necessary APIs should be created to interact with the Mobile app. Below points should be taken care while API development:
    • Universality
    • Security
    • Scalability
  • Content Management to deliver users changeable content that includes company policy, terms & conditions, rate calculator.

Is there any ready to use the script?

Yes, there are but in case if you want to fun business in several cities and countries then above technology stack is to scale-up and to have a long-term plan to route. The ready-made scripts use applied to Uber-like app and above technical information discussed are for the On-demand Applications that can connect to several hundreds of thousands of users.

Projected Estimation of Development

A Simple taxi booking app can take around 1500 To 2500 Hours of Efforts while a Rich & Sophisticated Uber-like solution can take around 4500 To 6000 Hours of Efforts.

Get in touch to find out how Perception System Business Developer can assist you in bringing your idea to a solid app reality so that you can move to market with vigor and confidence.

Our full attention is to understand your requirements in detail, and based on that we are providing you technology solutions by keeping your target audience and market in mind. We do understand that every project is an on-going engagement that requires technical, financial and emotional commitment on hand.

We would be glad to provide an accurate project estimate based on client’s specifications and a detailed product development roadmap. Take a tour of our Mobile Portfolio, and you will have an idea of the Time Estimation and Cost, which may vary depending on the final scope of work.

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influence Health Care Jobs In a Positive Way?


Artificial Intelligence and the use of it in the healthcare industry is both amazing and concerning. People’s hopes and anxieties are rather hard to keep in balance. Three of these human issues are getting a special interest: the replacement of the “human touch”, the potential threat to medical records and the industry’s employment future. Even though sides are in constantduelingg, looks like the future tends to bring a more optimistic approach.

The Future Is Functional

In terms of privacy, medical data is a touchy subject and no one is willing to take a risk. The promising technologies are covering these issues and certainly, people are more open to sharing private medical information with the people that can help them solve health problems. New wearable devices are used by more and more individuals and according to an Accenture study, a surprisingly 88% of the users are willing to share their data. Of course, sharing medical data with doctors and other health industry professionals is in their best interest. 72% of the participants are consenting on sharing this kind of information with health insurers meanwhile only 38% are comfortable on giving away medical data to their employers.

Similar results are shown by the survey made on the “human touch” replacement issue. There is no doubt that there are situations when this particular human interaction cannot and will be not replaced. But in so many cases, in terms of efficiency and convenience, a technological process is more desirable. Researchers are showing a tendency to embrace technological breakthrough as more and more people are willing to use Artificial Intelligence-based health care services, including mobile applications, smart healthcare gadgets or monitoring devices. Managing health problem efficiently, again, comes first on personalized care. Correctly identify and diagnose symptoms, receiving first-aid advice or navigate through the health care system are other major popular fields were people are willing the give a shot to AI agents.

Is Healthcare Employment At Risk?

Good evidence of overcoming our fears are emerging as this sector develops new ways to deal with complex health issues. In terms of the long-term effect of the technology on human capabilities, surely our life will change along with the accentuate automation process. But it is not a bad thing, after all, it is actually an opportunity to develop new and greater abilities. The potential work displacement in health care is not sustained by conclusive data as researchers are reveling different conclusions. An Accenture Research study upon workforce future trends is showing how, when it comes to health care, the collected data is pointing to a surprising development. Increasing employment and revenues are going to be both sustained by the continuous evolution of the health care system. As AI is going to move beyond today’s rudimentary implementation, the automation is going to enable a progressive exchange of information and collaboration that will go along with improving performances. The numbers spoke about a 15% increase in the healthcare jobs with 49% revenues raise. What is holding up for this numbers?

  1. Improving human natural capacities

Researchers from Harvard University have recently developed a technique that uses AI to enhance their analytics on identifying cells that are potentially carcinogenic. They are now able to diagnose breast cancer with a precision of 99.6% and the development has increased the accuracy from 96%. Applying this growth to 1.7 million new cases that are globally diagnosed every year, translates to 62,000 new cases receiving an early stage breast cancer diagnosed.

  1. AI care and essential interacting

Eldercare, looking for people with mental problems or assisting the disabled are other few healthcare fields where AI could be efficiently implemented. Chatbots providing companionship, leading elder persons through cognitive exercises or reminding patients’ to take medications could help medical professionals to serve more patients in a day.

  1. Enhancing human physical abilities

The extension of human capabilities is another way of using a smart machine. Our limit stands in our nature and reaching beyond these boundaries could be made possible by AI. A clear example is assisted surgery and the already used robotic assistance that have helped surgeons perform otherwise impossible operations such as retina membrane removal – that has become a today’s routine procedure of incredible precision.

The above exemplification is obviously limited to few illustrative examples that could support the evolving collaboration between men and machines. Humans are destined to evolve along with AI development and we should all concentrate on what you do best: develop our intuition, social skills and creativity to embrace and indulge our long-term needed future transformation.

Enterprise App Development: An Industry With No Recession

Enterprise App Development: An Industry With No Recession

Imagine your smartphone with no app in it. Imagine the use of pictures without filters. Imagine who is going to tell you the nearest restaurant with your favourite food in an unknown city. Imagine there are no apps. Neither you nor your phones have been as smart as they are now. In today’s competitive and technological world apps and software are developed for computers, mobiles, and tablets to perform various tasks and to cater your silly needs. From shopping to learning to cooking to time-pass; there is an app for all. This industry of mobile app development and software development has no recession. Go to the app store of your mobile software and type your need; in a fraction of time, you would be flooded with hundreds of apps to choose and download either for free or on paid basis.

It has entertainment and earnings altogether. App Development is a flourishing industry. You can earn a good amount by selling the desired and useful apps. App Development calls for below features in an App Developer:

  • Should have a good mind’s eye
  • Should understand the need of the user
  • Should know which type of app to be developed among the three types i.e.
  • App Native
  • Hybrid, and
  • Web
  • Create an app
  • Test it and
  • Launch it.

With a virtue developed among ours resource fullness and a desire to develop an app through app maker, it has become easy these days. Let’s discuss the various forms of apps and their usefulness:


  • Business Application: Applications used by business users to perform their task, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and maintain data. The various applications are used in business like to maintain inventory, to keep the record of expenses, the record of attendance, maintaining accounts, payroll etc. It is a set of application if you want you can get it customized according to your needs and goals. Example of business applications are Spreadsheet, Microsoft Office, Tally. The main motive of these applications is to achieve the organizational goals.


  • Enterprise App Development: These applications are used within enterprises to solve problems and share data. With the trend of cloud computing in the market, sharing and learning have become much easier. It is a network of the internet which is used by various users at the same time. A few of Enterprise Applications Development is Payment Processing, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management etc. Appropriate training courses are piloted to train on this software. There are professionals appointed to work on this software. These apps help the organization to improve efficiency. Software companies, banks, BPOs, hospitals, clubs, and government organizations use such apps.


  • Enterprise Mobile App: These apps are designed to solve business or enterprise problems. Employees use these apps to access company’s data. Every employee in the company uses the same app as per need on their personal mobile handsets. There are many kinds of such apps, like Customer Support App, Make Payments, to Maintain Datasheets, to Login Attendance, to Maintain Supply of Products etc. The organizations permit only there employees to use these apps for organizational purposes.


  • Mobile App Development: These are apps designed for wireless devices to fulfill individual needs. Some apps are preinstalled on your mobiles and some need to be installed when you need them. There are different categories of the app like game, travel, cooking, entertainment, study and many more you can browse and download whichever app you need.


  • Software Development: It means developing software’s using specific programing language. It involves designing, programming, and testing of software. The software is designed to fulfill the needs of users. There are three types of software; one which is made for enterprises; the others made to fulfill specific needs and the software for individual users. Even the market is flooded with a variety of software depending upon nature of work. The software is costly, development takes lots of time and is used for specific purposes, but on the other side, they help to complete the task faster, making tasks simpler and easier.


  • Web-Based Application: These applications run on a web browser. They are usable with the only active internet connection. The database is the client based server and the app is installed on the desktop of all the employees. These apps are monitored by the client. Some examples of such applications are Gmail.com, Hotmail.com where you don’t have to download any software. Web-based apps prove to be cost-effective, globally accessible, data can be shared anywhere, quick and easy to install and uninstall.


  • Website Development: In simple words, it means imagining, designing, creating, testing and maintaining the website on the internet. There are two sides of developing website one is front-end development and other is back-end. Front-end is which user sees designing the website and back-end is programming and data management.


Enterprise apps have now become the fundamental need of every company’s digital strategy. Having said that, businesses are progressively ever-changing from heritage to innovativeness, taking hold of the benefits that ease of access to know-how and Internet of Things (IoT) incorporation can offer to their business and customers.

Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Cleaner – Oh so you too are tired of the pet hair running around the house. Whether they make you sneeze like crazy or not, you need to get rid of them before it is too late for you. But does the busy schedule keeps you at bay from cleaning the pet hair form house properly?

If so is your case, we are here to help. There are now so many automated options for you to pick from specifically for the pet hair cleaning that you are going to love it and get a solution just now. The top of the list solution we have is the robot pet hair vacuum cleaner. Yes, a vacuum cleaner solely designed to clear off all the pet hair other than just cleaning and it’s automatic. The good news is, it does not require any supervision from you, so you can enjoy cleaning the house without having to move a muscle.

Now that you know that you have got the right thing for you that is going to work for you without asking for any supervision, you must now be rushing to purchase the first pet hair robot cleaner. But before that, be aware that there is a huge range of vacuum cleaners out there, those that might fall fully to your requirements and being in a rush you could kill your chances for the best one.

So here we have populated a list of things and tech specs you need to consider when you are out to buy the robot cleaner to get rid of pet hair.

Understand at first what you exactly want

This step is the most important one. The choice of the vacuum cleaner is made right only when you know where you have to use it. For this consider the following two things.


The surface where the robot cleaner has to move

Consider the surface of the house, does the robotic cleaner has to clean the bare floor or is it the rugs and carpets that it has to clean. Are you looking forward to purchase a vacuum cleaner that can clean the pet hair from furniture as well? Are there stairs too that need cleaning up? Now the picture might be clear to you as there are cleaners that are specific to only one place or the others that can make an impression at any type of the surface.


What is the nature of pet that you have

Knowing the nature of the pet or the pets you are having is also important in buying the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your home. There are certain breeds of both cats and dogs that shed a lot of hair, for them you will need a different kind of vacuum cleaner, while for the breeds that do not shed a lot of hair for both the cats and dogs, some lighter cleaner would suffice.


Ask the seller these questions about the tech specs of the vacuum cleaner

Whether you are making your purchase online or on site, you will have to ask the seller the following questions to know how the cleaner is going to function for you.

  • Is the robot cleaner capable of cleaning both the hard and soft surfaces?
  • How is the cleaner going to work on the edges?
  • What are the types of brushes it is using for cleaning?
  • Does it have the sensors to detect the dirt and attack it?
  • What if the battery of the robot cleaner ends while working?
  • How is the robot cleaner going to work with the mobile phone? Which application do I have to install to give the commands?
  • How many shapes can the vacuum cleaner take while cleaning the surface of the house?
  • Is the vacuum cleaner capable of accepting the scheduling command and keep working on its own?
  • What kind of filters are used in the vacuum cleaner and how often we will have to clean them?
  • What is the size of the dirtbag?


Final Verdict

When you will set off to buy the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pet hair from the house, the automated robotic cleaners serve best. By making this decision you are successfully going to reduce the amount of pet hair, keep the house clean, get rid of several allergies and give a lovely feeling not only to your house but also to your pet. So make the decision wisely and go for some really good functioning robot vacuum cleaner from any of the best roomba for pet hair collection. Invest once and enjoy the perks of artificial intelligence and independent cleaning for decades to come without having to worry about the maintenance.

How to Find a Rock Solid Web Hosting Provider

Best Java Web Hosting Provider

The market is absolutely saturated with website hosting companies. Choosing one is difficult. You want a good price, but you also want an efficient service that assists your business rather than hindering it.

There are 7 non-negotiable features that must be checked before you hire a web hosting provider. I’ve listed these below to help you make the right choice.

Cloud-Based Technology

A good web hosting provider uses cloud-based technology to host your website. This is essential when it comes to web hosting for Java applications, as these need stability and speed to run efficiently.

So why is cloud-based technology better than conventional web hosting?

  • It has a better disaster recovery rate
  • It’s more flexible and accommodates vital plugins
  • It’s completely remote, so no clutter
  • It’s easier to monitor and archive
  • It’s more secure
  • It gives the same access to multiple users
  • It doesn’t require hardware
  • Software updates run regularly and automatically


Any web hosting provider that doesn’t use cloud-based technology for their hosting, isn’t one you should be dealing with.


High Performance Hosting

Many web hosting companies have the nasty habit of taking on too many clients—without being able to accommodate them all. Servers soon get jammed with too much activity, and that’s never good.

When this happens, your processing speed will slow down, and you will experience frustrating delays with page downloads and server access. Not just you, but your users as well.

Use a web hosting provider that offers the equivalent of a dedicated hosting environment. Again, this will depend on the level of software technology they use. If they are up to date, a web hosting company will use technology where individual web users are not hindered by other users.

Superior Hosting Locations

There are certain parts of the world that are considered better for hosting. Many of the cloud-based companies you deal with in the US, actually run their servers elsewhere.

Some of the best locations for hosting large amounts of servers are:

  • Amsterdam
  • San Francisco
  • New York


Web hosting that’s based in these locations is well maintained in conditions that are conducive to server equipment. They are also constantly upgraded to accommodate the high amount of traffic and space you require to efficiently run your website & apps.

High Level of User Control

Business owners want a certain level of control over their hosting. Some want more control than others. Choose a web hosting service that provides you with as much control as you require.

Deploy WAR files, upload classpath JARs, and navigate your backend apps & plugins from your personal PC. Depending on your knowledge around the apps or websites you’re hosting, you have the right to ask for as much control as you are comfortable with.

Quick Implementation

Deployment and configuration of your hosting package shouldn’t take much time. Ask your web hosting provider how long their process takes. If it’s any longer than an hour, you’re dealing with amateurs.

The deployment of your hosting package should be almost instant. If a service provider is making you wait for a long time, it’s probably because of some unnecessary red tape.

The configuration process should also take less than 45 minutes to complete. Be sure to choose a web hosting company that’s clear on the time it takes to setup your hosting package.

Superior SSD Drives

One of the biggest deciding factors for me when I choose a web hosting service is a SPEED. The loading time of your website; and the downloading & run time for your apps are important factors for customer satisfaction and SEO.

SSD drives are commonly used by web hosting companies to run multiple websites at the same time. If these SSD drives are in poor shape—or simply outdated—they will slow down your website.

Choose a service provider that not only talks about quicker loading times but guarantees it!


Huge corporations like Google and Facebook use MySQL for their applications. It’s considered the best, which is why you should insist on having a web hosting service that compliments your MySQL.

It’s a platform that is filled with helpful host management tools. If you have MySQL, you know that not all cloud hosting plans are compatible with it. I choose to deal with a web hosting provider that allows MySQL to run at its optimum, as it’s something I simply can’t do without.



Good web hosting providers know what customers want. Deal with a company that puts the customer at the forefront of their business decisions. Choose a web hosting service provider that understands your end desires:

  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Quick service

Art of Producing Direct Marketing Copy, Design and Making the Most Out of It


Doing direct marketing copy and design is certainly no easy task. After all, unlike the usual marketing effort, you have to be more focused on the specific individual receiving your materials. But, that does not mean that it would be insurmountable. Here are some tricks for you to make your direct marketing efforts a success.


Creating an Approachable Copy

In this article, Inc.com’s Douglas Smith points out that one of the most important keys in crafting a direct marketing copy that actually works is that it needs to be approachable. After all, you are directly addressing individual potential customers and they want to feel assured that you really are able to provide what they are specifically looking for. Hence, it will be helpful to use a friendly tone for your copy. Another important tip here is that, instead of talking about you and your brand, talk more about the customer and how they solve particular problems.

You also need to keep your recipient moving through the copy. A good trick to accomplish that is to use ellipses at key points to make them want more. Breaking your copy into smaller sections will also work. Of course, you want them to stop at important points. Do that by bold and underlined texts at the same time to make these points more noticeable.

Churning out an Effective Design for your Promotional Materials

As is with other marketing endeavors, direct marketing copy and design need to come together seamlessly to create an effective material. Here, Susan Ward says that photos are one of the most important design components that you have to make the most of. For one, don’t limit your photos to simply being used as random illustrations. Instead, turn them into effective eye catchers to draw in reader attention. You can also save yourself from having to write a ton of copy by using a single well-made photo to highlight each of the benefits of the particular offer you have. Harrison Mann, web design company in Leeds, brought fresh thoughts about user experience and well-crafted web design in this post.

Another aspect that you need to understand when it comes to overall design is that everything should sell. Thus, carefully consider how each piece of your overall marketing material design will be taken by your recipients to further reinforce your product’s selling point. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the material’s overall look to entice interest. Since you are targeting specific people, you can package your materials in something they closely associate with. For instance, pamphlets for new DIY equipment targeted at homemakers can be put inside toolboxes.


Going Beyond Design

Of course, direct marketing isn’t just about designing your pamphlets and newsletters. How you actually execute your campaign will be the ultimate factor in determining whether or not the design you have carefully created actually works. Here, Bop Design says that timing the release of your marketing materials right can greatly increase the chances of your target clients actually making a purchase.

“Every business has regular ups and downs that correspond with the seasons or with your prospects’ lifestyles. Instead of generic mailers throughout the year, brainstorm events, dates or milestones that might influence your clients’ purchasing decisions.”

Also keep in mind that while direct marketing is in itself very effective, you can further boost that by combining it with the other marketing methods you have up your sleeves. And to know more about how to successfully integrate direct marketing copy and design into your overall marketing effort, feel free to contact us today.

Top 5 Best Free Alternatives for CometChat: Real Time Chat Services

CometChat Logo Best Alternatives
CometChat Logo Best Alternatives

If you are a Website Developer then you must have heard about the CometChat and what it is capable of doing, well CometChat is a Facebook-style footer chat written in PHP and MySQL for your website which enables your users to interact and chat with each other in real-time. One of the great thing about CometChat is that it can be used on any platform whether you are on Android, iOS, or WordPress, it can be integrated everywhere.

So, let’s start the list with Top Free and Paid alternatives:


1. ArrowChat

ArrowChat is a jQuery based live chat software that uses PHP and MySQL. It is placed at the bottom of your website similar to Facebook Chat. ArrowChat is currently the biggest alternative and rival for CometChat.

ArrowChat Features
ArrowChat Features


  • Video Chat
  • Chat Rooms
  • Applications
  • Notifications
  • Popup Chat
  • Themes
  • Full Admin Panel
  • Real-Time Support
  • Multi-Device Support including SmartPhones
  • Guest Chat
  • Group Chat and lots More

Pricing: $45 Starting (10 days Free Trial)

Visit ArrowChat Official Website (Get $5 Off)



2. Ajax IM

Ajax IM (“Ajax Instant Messenger”) is a browser-centric instant messaging framework. It uses AJAX to create a real-time (or near real-time) IM environment that can be used in conjunction with existing community and commercial software, or simply as a stand-alone product.

Pricing: Free

Visit AjaxIM Official Website



3. Pusheo

Pusheo is an agile and steadfast service which lets you blend real-time communication into any application, without any extra burden on your servers. It paves the way for transparent communication across all major platforms.
All this in just 10 lines of code. Pusheo has massive, treasured and organized libraries for all the prime web and mobile platforms.

Pricing: Free and Paid (Free for 10-user concurrency)

Visit Pusheo Official Site


4. BeaconPush

BeaconPush Real Time Chat
BeaconPush Real Time Chat

BeaconPush is a Push service that enables you to reach your users on real-time without requiring them to constantly poll your website.

Pricing: Free and Paid

Visit BeaconPush Official Site


5. PhpFreeChat

PhpFreeChat is a Completely Free Chat Service which offers public and private chat rooms to your visitors. In addition, the interface is customizable on desktops, tablets and smartphones to fit your website design.

Pricing: Free

Visit PhpFreeChat Official Site



If you have any better alternative then these then please share it by commenting below.

5 Essential SEO Strategies for your Website

5 Essential SEO Strategies for your Website

It is necessary for people to contact a reputed SEO company in India to attract genuine and repeated customers because organic traffic helps the website to build good authority from time to time. The easy to set up process has helped every business to set up their business effectively using SEO strategies. The SEO traffic helps people to increase the search engine ranking. It generates a lot of organic traffic from potential customers in an easy way.


We have compiled 5 Essential SEO Strategies for your Website


  1. Quality Info and Pictures to build a Reputation – SEO is more like a yellow book available online, which helps people to find different kinds of business based on the requirement and budget from time to time. Furthermore, it is important for people also to know and understand different aspects involved in SEO services in India as it helps them to build the reputation. They can display their information on search engines effectively. Since SEO is all about building the reputation online, it helps people to visit the website in an easy way and therefore helps in increasing the organic traffic on a regular basis.
  2. Keyword Tactics – It is evident that people will have an opportunity to reach more genuine and potential customers with the help of Affordable SEO packages in an easy way. SEO keyword tactics focus on people living in the required area or a city because it helps the business to attract people to the nearby locations to generate business from time to time. As a result, most of the people would prefer to set up SEO optimization effectively as it helps them to be productive and to build a reputation online in an easy way.
  3. Repeat Customers by improving Bounce Rate – It is important for people to consider building the reputation with the help of repeated customers effectively. Repeated customers to the website play a crucial role in the websites because it helps them to convert the visits to purchases in an easy way. Since most of the people would prefer to reduce the bounce rate of the website, it is important to attract repeat customers by providing necessary information and services without compromising on the quality effectively.
  4. ON Page SEO Practices – It is evident that organic traffic from best SEO practices can help people to increase the authority of the site. Furthermore, the information attracts the user to visit the website repeatedly in an easy way. The SEO methods help people to display their business with images and videos in the search engine, which helps users to look at more information or details without compromising on the quality.
  5. Effective Set Up Process – It is important for people to follow the proper process to set up SEO on different search engines and websites. Also, most of the search engines offer a free interface for people to set up the business and promote effectively. Therefore, it is widely recommended for people to explore more options and add the business without compromising on the quality of time demands.


So finally, you have got to know all important SEO strategies for your website which will help your site to rank better and to increase organic traffic. Now its time to implement these SEO strategies for successful business.

4 Reasons Why Users Still Prefer Android Over iOS in 2018

Android Over iOS

Android and iOS, both are the two most popular mobile OS options and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But this post does not emphasize on their merits and demerits. It rather highlights the facts what makes Android the to-go option for the masses and why Android stands out amongst its competition.

In addition, Android proves to be rather more user-friendly if compared to its competition.Android lets its user have a complete freedom as android says; ‘don’t like it? Change it. You as an Android user can adjust your experience as you like. For example, if you don’t like your home screen, you can change it with something more suitable and more appealing to your eye. Furthermore, if you do not like your gallery, you can change it to a quick pic. If you don’t like your music player, replace it with other media players.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to access the storage via file manager. Similarly, gesture recognition, manual camera mode, multiwindow, expandable battery and much more features are widely available in Android and are quite absent in iOS.

Another important point about Android is that it comes in different shapes, sizes, and color. These phones having different shapes make it more attractive and easier to handle. These devices are designed with complete elegance and shape which makes it easier for you to handle these easily. The screen size varies from device to device but the average size ranges about 5 to 5.5 inches. Tablets, however, have even bigger screens where users find even more clarity and readability in reading and viewing.



Customizing settings to your preference is one of the key features which make android the superior option. Android allows you to create custom home screen while iOS doesn’t offer such an option. Similarly, many elements in Android are flexible and are adjustable to users’ needs, but iOS stands firm in its position as most of the features are decisively locked in iOS.


Install apps from any source

The ability of only able to install apps from app store prevents various types of threats and attacks, but Android users feel this decision should be left to each user to decide.

Android allows you to download an APK file from any third party source and install it similar to that of a regular app from Google’s play store. This freedom lets you run all types of apps even those that were not respectively designed to run on Android smartphones. The same process is possible on iOS (unofficially) but to do so, users are required to jailbreak their phone.


Marketplace more accessible to developers

As of now, Android developers are bound to pay a fee of $25 to publish any number of apps they like. However, Apple charges $99 from a user (annual charges). It’s clearly evident that the financial barriers are not so tough in Android. This relief allows the developer to create more and more apps without bearing the ultimate financial pressure & those investments are easily recoverable.

With the help of monetization through ads & in-app purchases, this objective is fulfilled.  Moreover, these apps are developed with a one-size-fits-all approach where the apps naturally fit the device a used by the user. This option comes in handy as in Android; there is no idea as to which device would the user be using. It doesn’t run on all android devices but covers the majority of them with no problem.


Expandable memory

Not all but a majority of Android phones offer expandable memory. All you need to do is pop open the back cover (or a slot on the side) and insert a micro SD card. Apple, however, doesn’t let you do so and would rather ask you to pay additional $100 to upgrade their devices from a 16 GB to 32 GB or 64 GB device. Android clearly wins here knowing the fact that all you need to do is use a memory card and that’s all, no upgrades, no hefty expenses. A memory card is not much costly and is readily available in the market where you can easily alter your phone’s storage system and use as per your requirement. However, the same cannot be said for the android’s competition where you cannot alter the device’s memory and get away with it.

In addition, you can protect your Android device with multiple security software/apps like gallery vault and lockers that exists in the play store market.




Android has different other advantages that we haven’t even covered such as being affordable, user-friendly, unique in shape & size, and more. In addition, multiple software(s) find themselves compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t experienced android powered smart devices, don’t worry; now is the time to do so! Give it a try & find out yourself.