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Shyam Bhardwaj is the Senior SEO Analyst and Founder at eShine Marketing, specialized in search engine optimization and marketing. Shyam has over 7 years of experience working with global businesses under different marketers. He leads SEO operations at eShine Marketing and has successfully launched more than 20 search campaigns. He is a regular contributor to lots of marketing blogs. You can follow him on Twitter at @shyam_bhardwaj

Art of Producing Direct Marketing Copy, Design and Making the Most Out of It

Doing direct marketing copy and design is certainly no easy task. After all, unlike the usual marketing effort, you have to be more focused...
Social Media Marketing Strategies

Empower LinkedIn Marketing with Five Proven Strategies

For many B2B brands, LinkedIn seems to be a very effective and powerful social media marketing platform. It’s imperative to turn your brand’s profile...