Google Plans for Chrome, Want to Make it Insanely Fast

by Rishab LodhaDecember 3, 2015

Google has announced their latest update for Google Chrome application might help to reduce data usage up to 30% and the browsing experience will boast up to 70%. The experience and data saving would be done by automatically blocking website images with the help of their improved Data Saver Feature. This feature would monitor on data speed and automatically start working when a slow connection is detected, and would save data and time both. The images can later be loaded if the user feels its necessity, with a single tap. also, if the user wishes to browse with slow speed but wants the original web page he can browse using Incognito mode. Also, this feature will not work on SSL pages.

Settings for Google CHromee to Speed up Browsing speed

Google Chrome Beta Settings

Currently, the update is only available in India and Indonesia, but it has been stated that it will soon be released in “more countries in the near future”. For enabling this function, just tap Data Saver in settings of your Chrome app and you’re ready to go.


I tested this feature for just a few minutes and the experience was pretty good and didn’t feel like it took any lag.

Data Saving

Data Saving


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